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to certify or not to certfy

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I'm a nurse with about 6 years experience and as of last year recieved my med/surg certification. I work on what is currently a mixed inpatient floor caring for med/oncology/renal patients. Since the floor is such a mix, I felt that the med-surg certification would be most appropriate for me. Recently our onc docs would like more of us to certify in oncology and are offering to pay for the cost of the test. I don't know if I should bother studing on my own time and take this certification as well, or stick with just the med/surg. I don't really feel like I have a very good grasp of oncology; I'm afraid I'll be overwhelmed, especially since a review course isn't offered in our area. But I'm also tempted to take them up on the offer. Any thoughts?

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I've been certified for a long time; I think it's important--at least to me.

I had not been able to take a review course early on; I studied from The Core Curriculum--there is the Book plus a separate Study Guide Book; I also had a computer program I got from OCN. It was excellent for studying.

I passed the first time I took it; I took the test a total of 3 times & passed each time; now of course, they have the recert by CEU's & use that.

Good Luck to you. Don't be intimidated by taking the test.

By the way, I also work on a Hem/Onc/Med/Surg/Renal unit.

Fun isn't it!!

We get all kinds of patient's on our unit!!

Hope this helps.

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