Your Hours?

  1. I'll be blunt here, one main reason I didnt do MDA was b/c I want a life outside the hospital/office. I dont want to be a MD and work 80 hour weeks no matter how good the money is. I want to help people and use the nursing model. I dont mind the 40 hour weeks, but I want to leave work and REALLY leave it !! Understand? So, am I nieve to think that CRNA is the way to go for this lifestyle I want? Or am I up for disappointment? I'm hoping that CRNA is a good medium between MDA and RN. ???? THANKS!!!
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    it probably depends on your hospital\anesthesia group. I know at the group that does my hospital. They CRNAs work 40 hours a week, and if they want more they have it. Call is optional for the CRNAs also. The MDAs are required to take the call unless a CRNA wants the money. This anesthesia group is responsible for providing at 7 hospitals, and 5 surgery centers. It's about 175 surgery suites total. From what I hear this group treats their Anesthetist and MDAs VERY VERY well.