Yep another TCU/TWU thread

  1. On my desk acceptance letters to both TWU and TCU. The question which one? At first I was on cloud 9 when i got the first from TCU. TWU said i wouldnt hear until April, then out of the blue i get their letter which also made me happy, but put the question in my head, where to go?

    TCU: larger University, the head of the anesthesia dept. left TWU for TCU. An established nursing program at the school. an enthusiastic dean of the college. but it is a first year untried program.

    TWU: an established program, a brand new classroom building. but the head of the department left TWU for TCU is that a sign of things to come?

    Does anyone know any info that may shed light on the situation. believe me i am pretty much the happiest person on earth right now knowing that i will just be attending school this fall. I just want to make sure i make the right choice. thank you for any info.

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    Ahh to have your I am sure both schools are great. On the one hand TWU is an established program with expereinced staff and well established realtionships with clinical sites. On the other hand you have TCU with a very expereinced director and very enthusiastic staff. You can't go wrong with either school. My suggestion for you would be to make a list of the pros and cons of both schools and a list of things you feel are important for your success and go from there. Good luck and congratualtions on your delimma.
  4. by   alansmith52
    good show parkland. I am biased toward TWU since that is where I will be. one pro is Dr. Rinkey. a well decorated insturctor and one who knows how to turn out good crna's.
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    The director was kinda pushed out of TWU when they found out that she was trying to orchestrate a mutiny of sorts. She was organizing a plot on the DL to take all of TWU's instructors and clinical sites with her to a new TCU program. TWU found out and she was immediately released. This brings her integrity into question from my perspective.

    Wow..I heard a totally different story from one of the clinical faculty people that originally the entire staff at TWU was unhappy with TWU's lack of support for the nurse anesthesia program, and decided to build a cooperative venture between the two universities. TWU then became paronoid and got rid of the director, and her assistant took over after she left, and actually pulled off a coup!
    also heard that the current assistant director is leaving for TCU to assume the same position. Got this info from a very reliable source!

    Sometimes you don't know what to believe!! Anyway, I'm going to apply to both no matter what happened. Hope I have the delimma of a choice!!!
  7. by   New CCU RN
    Please all be careful about what you say. You never know who is reading this and derogatory comments about a person esp when you are giving enough info to figure out who they are (whether true or not), really are uncalled for.

    Just looking out for you all. Do be careful.
  8. by   WntrMute2
    I would make my decision based on other things:
    1) Size of classes I think smaller is better, it is easier to get a good individualized education if there are a dozen students rather than 100.
    2) Scope of training, do you learn to do regional, central lines, etc.
    3) When do clinicals start? I think waiting a year to actually begin to do patient care is frustrating and it is easier to learn about the purple gaswhen you use it.
    4) Residency programs, you want as little competition with Drs as possible, they often seem to get better/bigger cases. Strong residency programs are not usually compatable with strong CRNA programs.

    I would base my decision on these things rather than age of the program. Mine closed after 22 years.
  9. by   Lucy H.
    I am awfully late reading this but wanted to say something about all this TW/CU stuff. I did make the interview at both. AT the TWU interview, I said I was interviewing at two other places, named TCU, and the room temperature dropped alot! One of the interviewers made a snide remark to another one--just wasn't very professional.
    The biology teacher at TCU will be new to anesthesia but not human physiology/patho--he has been their dept. head for many years and the nursing students give him AWE--he must be really something.
    I already talked in an earlier thread about my interview at tcu--when I said twu, the two interviewers encouraged me to look at all options, clinical sites, etc. They said they had begun as a hoped for cooperation but twu's admin. didn't want to pursue it. They said not to judge the anesthesia program for that.
    So, I thought, which one of these places is good for me? I wanted to trust that my education would be good, to get attention from faculty in smaller class3es, and have experienced faculty--I just didn't think the trust was there at twu--if they'd be hateful in an interview, how would they treat me---not a good sentence but you know what I mean.
    Well, as it turned out, I didn't get in to tcu. I'm feeling better but still really sorry about it. Thanks to all of you who sent me encouragement. I'm still here!
  10. by   Hidi74
    I don't have any advice on TCU, But I do plan on attending TWU. I live In the same town and all of my friends that attend TWU really like it!