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  1. I know all CRNA programs require a year of working in an acute care setting before applying to the program. What has been everyones experience with the work environment in an acute care setting? The program I am going to attend allows work in ICU, OR, and ER. Which would you recommend to work in, since I am allowed to work in any of the 3? Also, how are RN/ BSN's treated on the job? Any info. on this subject would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   ageless
    I was an RN in the OR for years, but would recommend that you work in ICU. IMHO, you will fine tune your skills more than in any other setting. If you are dedicated you will be treated with respect.
  4. by   OC_An Khe
    Surgical intensive care units are the way to go.
  5. by   cwestphal23
    I saw your question about what type of unit to work in in preperation to anesthesia school. Though I have never worked in an ER or OR, I can tell you that working in a SICU for 3 years has throughly prepared for the rigors of anesthesia school, which I start in May. I feel a unit that generalizes in acute surgical care is best (ie: cardiac, trauma, neuro, general surgery) Given my bias I think this well rounded experience has given me an almost complete picture of all areas. Swan, vasopressors, vents, and all the experience that goes along with that is invaluable!! Good luck in your decision.

    Chris W.