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i've noticed a sense of hostility on this forum towards aa's by nurse anesthetist or student nurses of anesthesia. why so hasty? i always read on this forum about the shortage of anesthesia... Read More

  1. by   Sheri257
    Quote from deepz
    I seriously doubt that I am the only person on this CRNA/SRNA board growing tired of your repititious self-serving rants and boasts.
    Actually deepz, even I'm starting to agree with you on this one. (Miracles do happen. )

    At first I was really interested in what AA's have to say, and hearing from the other side. But now ... well ... I don't really know if there's any real point to this ... It seems to be going nowhere.

    If there was actually something newsworthy, like another state decision or something like that, then I could understand it. But outside of that, it's starting to look like the battle of the trolls.

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