What should I minor in?

  1. I'm starting school soon to get my BSN. I eventually want to apply to a nurse anesthetists school. I wanted to minor in something but I don't know what. Any suggestions?
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  3. by   tcrn
    I don't know of anyone in my class that has a minor in anything. Unless they had a degree before becoming a nurse. I guess that if you REALLY want to have a minor in something it should be chemistry. That would really impress the panel who interviews you.
  4. by   Kiwi
    minor in chemistry, make all A's, get 2 yrs ICU experience... and you're be a shoe-in
  5. by   *PICURN*
    when i go to school to become an NP i'm going to minor in spanish...just b/c everyone in CA could use knowing spanish! (unless you are already fluent...)
  6. by   cl05
    Thanks for the suggestions! I looked into Chemistry, and it doesn't look like you can minor in it, but maybe I will take a bunch of chem courses. I took one year of college, majoring in business but hated it, and did NOT do well, so I'm trying to make my application look more attractive. I will look definitely look into Spanish. It's always good to speak another language!
  7. by   UTRN2005
    Our program doesn't offer a minor in anything. Technically we could take more classes in a given area but it would be a minor as far as our degree goes.
  8. by   convuluterrn
    I would consider taking extra chemistry (emphasis on organic),phyisology (emphasis on cellular and human physiology), and pharmacology courses.

    Actually, it might be advantageous to take those courses between finishing your BSN and applying to anesthesia school.

    The first year of anesthesia school involves mostly chemistry, physiology, and pharmacology.

    Hope this helps and good luck!
  9. by   Ami_J
    I have a health science minor, as did many of my classmates. Psychology, health education, spanish, and womens health were some of our other options to just name a few.

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