What are the requirements to sit for the CRNA exam??

  1. What are the requirements to sit for the CRNA exam??

    In other words what does the council on accreditation require?? What do you as a SRNA have to accomplish by the time you finish the program?? Does your program surpass the COA standards?? Is the criterion mainly a #s issue? Do you have to have x number of intubations, y number of CABGs, z number of Swans placed.

    Just something on my mind that I haven't seen discussed on this board before. I am going to call the AANA tomorrow but thought I would ask everybody on this board as well.

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  3. by   kmchugh

    To sit for the CRNA exam, it is required that you have completed and passed an accredited CRNA school. That's all. Now, there are national requirements (i.e. numbers of different types of cases) you must meet to graduate. But to take the exam, all you must do is graduate.

    Kevin McHugh
  4. by   loisane
    Well, just to elaborate on what Kevin said-----

    There are some requirements for graduation, and maybe this is what Matt is asking about.

    Every student transcript must document that student's didactic and clinical experience. It seems Matt is asking about the required clinical experience.

    Right now the accreditation standards have been undergoing major revisions, that will take effect next year. Total number of required cases is going from 450 to 550. There will probably also be increases in the minimum number of required regionals, art lines, etc.

    The transcript list is very detailed. Students must meet minimum numbers in specific categories (cranis, peds, emergency, mask cases, nasal intubations, OB deliveries, etc, etc.) It takes alot of documentation.

    So, in choosing a school, it is important to make sure a program can offer enough of the required clinical experiences, so that it is not a hardship for each student to meet these minimum requirements.

    loisane crna
  5. by   g8rlimey

    So how are these "xperiences" tracked and documented while in school?
    The CT surgeons I used to work with had a web site they could log onto and pretty much just check off the types of cases they had completed....anything of that sort out there for SRNA's? If not, I would think that would be a great benefit of the AANA website to have something like that. A SRNA cold log on at the hospital, check off procedures, cases, and other pertinent info...just a thought
  6. by   nilepoc
    From what I understand, it is up to each program in conjunction with the students to track the cases, and procedures.

    Our program has been talking about automating this in the manner you discribe. How close this is to fruition, or reality I don't know. I guess I will find out next year.

  7. by   loisane

    I think most schools are still using old fashioned paper and ink to keep track of the numbers. There is a log furnished to students listing all the particulars. Students fill it out every day and keep a running count of all the totals.

    You are right that the record keeping is a real pain. There are at least two companies that I know of that are offering a web based service. If it works well, I imagine it will catch on. There is certainly a great need for it.

    loisane crna
  8. by   smogmatt
    loisane -

    Yes I was wondering as to the # of minimum cases required and also what types of cases are required.

    I guess my next question would be: Is there anything not required? for instance does a SRNA need to do transplant cases? if so what kinds? Just beans (kidneys)? or Heart, Lungs, Liver too? Or is that just gravy above and beyond

  9. by   smiling_ru
    Our log is in microsoft excel, no pen and paper.

    This website will tell you what is required for graduation.
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  10. by   smogmatt
    great!!! the link is what I was looking for, very interesting!


  11. by   AL bug
    I am not sure which program our school is considering using for logging cases via the web, but we were asked what our opinion of the idea is. It is about $60 per student for the entire program. I think we will start it in Jan after the required numbers are set and the program director can investigate the computer program more.

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