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  1. I am relatively new to the board and I am currently applying to schools in the western PA area. I wanted to know what the buzz is about 2 schools in particular...The University of Pittsburgh School of Anes. and Westmoreland-Latrobe School of Anes.? I have personally researched both...just wondering about the perception from practicing CRNAs and current SRNAs. Thanks in advance for your help. Have a great NEW YEAR!!!
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    I am not an SRNA yet, but I start this fall in Richmond, VA. I am from the Latrobe, however, so I thought I'd offer up what I know. They are both excellent schools, as reported by some CRNAs I know in that area. The Pitt program offers a MSN and is university program. The Westmoreland-Latrobe program offers a Masters in Sciences (I think?) and is a hospital program. I intereviewed and was accepted to the Univ. of Pitts. program, and I cannot say enough good things about the faculty, especially the director, John O'Donnell. I decided to move to Richmond instead of start school there for purely personal reasons, and it was a really tough decision to decide not to go to Pitt. I also met the director (maybe former director- it was a long time ago) of the Westmoreland-Latrobe program when I was in nursing school and looking for some advice as to what I should be doing to get on the "anesthesia track."-- he was also extremely helpful, friendly, etc.

    The only comparison I have been told (when I was looking for schools initially) from a CRNA, is that she felt that CRNAs from both schools are both quite good, but her personal opinion was that in working with both, Pitt's CRNA were overall better prepared initially out of school. I'm not sure of clinical sites for the Westmoreland-Latrobe program, but I'm certain Pitt's are top of the line and probably hard to compete with. I worked at Presby in Pittsburgh and I think hands down, they get the sickest of the sickest and most complicated patients in the area, plus lots of transplants, etc. Good luck applying.
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    Thanks so much for your insight...very helpful...I,too, worked at Presby in PGH in the trauma ICU-where were you??? Good luck to you in VA...
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    Cardio Thoracic ICU- what a nut house... but i loved it. Are you still there?
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    After working at Presby (I left in '99), I switched gears...I had the opportunity to work in the pharmaceutical industry in sales...great professional $$ opportunity but it just isn't cutting it for me in terms of continuous mental challenge, the "rush" and not fulfilling for me overall-I miss the pt contact... I decided it is time to pursue my original goal of a CRNA... As for Presby, I started out floating to all ICUs so I might have seen you in CT?! Then I decided to plant roots in trauma. How long were you there? Where are you working now? How did you decide to go to VA? Just curious...
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    We probably missed each other because I graduated in '99. I worked almost a full year on 12D before i transferred to CTICU. I was there until January '02 and then I moved to Richmond. I am now working at the Medical College of VA (properly called Virginia Commonwealth University Health System I think, according to them, but we all still call it "mcv."). I moved to VA for one big reason: I wanted to leave PA-- purely personal, wanted to live w/ current boyfriend, etc, etc. plus I have some family down here and have always LOVED the weather by comparison to Pittsburgh. Not that the weather in Pittsburgh isn't truly lovely. :chuckle
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    Oh, and I knew there is a good CRNA program down here, so that was part of my decision to come to Richmond too.
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    Did you go to Pitt for your undergrad...I went to PSU and worked at Hershey Medical Center first. They had a critical care internship program ( 6 months) that I started right out of school-then I stayed for 2 years at Hershey-loved the SICU ( a mixed unit) but was homesick. Anyway, I just started looking at this site in NOV and I, too, am addicted. It has been extremely informative. If you haven't already, you might want to look back through some of the old threads..Please keep in touch and let me know how things are going...You are the first person that I have seen with any PGH ties at all...most "posters" seem to be from the west and south, not too many in the NE...Good luck to you!
  10. by   yodakelly
    I acutally went to Gannon U. in Erie for my undergrad. Hershey Medical Center is said to be awesome- was it a great experience? Hey- I don't know if you are a football fan, but a Pittsburgh person posted a "how about those Steelers" thread in the off-topic section. Lots of Steelers love floating around there. I didn't watch the game myself, but like you said, it cool to have that "hometown" link w/ others. There've got to be a few other yankees like us around here (that's how i get referred to "down" here).

    I'm glad to have met you- give me a shout if I can offer any advice/ suggestions on anesthesia school... by the time you apply i might have a little experience to offer up.

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