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I was wondering what reasons do people decide to become aCRNA. I mean, we all want to become a nurse because we want to help people in need- but is it wrong to want to become a CRNA because you want... Read More

  1. by   SCHMEGGA
    Man, there are just too many reasons to become a CRNA. I wished I could list them all but I would need a couple of pages. Do it without hesitation!
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  2. by   shirleyTX
    Thanks for the encouragement!! I know I'll get there one day.
  3. by   Wingsets
    Oh my gosh!! I'm so relieved to hear someone saying all that MICU RN said. Very well expressed. We ARE professionals for crying out loud! I worked in the business world (marketing) before going back to nursing school and I am embarrassed sometimes by how unprofessional the nursing profession can be! Of course we care about our patients otherwise we couldn't give all that we give 12+ hours every shift. But there have to be other reasons for our career and compensation and respect are and should be important considerations. I think nurses aren't treated with respect by the doctors a lot of times because we don't treat ourselves with respect!

    Okay, I'm off my soapbox.
  4. by   jnette
    Thouroughly enjoyed reading this thread. Good stuff here. Your thinking is right on track.

    Give me one good reason why ANYONE would NOT desire to be the absolute BEST they can posibly be ? Why they would NOT want to reach their fullest potential ? And why on earth should that even be questioned? Do men question each other about their choices or goals, deride each other for wanting a challenge and knowing they have accomplished something.. for being the "best"? Nope ! It is "expected" .

    WHy is it not "expected" of us? Becaues we shortchange ourselves, and this is something we must overcome. To all who dream to conquer and achieve I say GO !!!! And more power to you !
  5. by   shirleyTX
    Again, for the folks that responded I sincerely thank you. I think it's great that other people out there don't think some of my reasons are shallow. I have researched the profession extensively and know its more than just being "the best". But I can honestly say with all that it takes to become a CRNA, I admire them more than any hollywood actor or entertainer and are the ones I look up to.