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Just wondering.....if anyone who interviewed at VCU this past month received their acceptance (or denial) letter yet? I'm still waiting...................... Read More

  1. by   mbrian46
    g8rlimey..........they haven't given me the nod yet. The wait is about to kill me. I've heard that they might send some letters by the end of the week, but that's just hearsay. I interviewed back in October, so I have been waiting two long months. You interview next Monday? The interview is a very relaxed "get to know you" type of interview. The interviewers don't try to intimidate you, they make you feel very comfortable. You will do fine, I'm sure. When you are up there....tell them not to forget about me here in Mississippi...........good luck.
  2. by   N2bate
    They keep kicking this can down the road don't they?
  3. by   N2bate
    More "unconfirmed" info for you VCU applicants--thought I should share.....

    Appears last phase of interviews was yesterday--for the early apps I think.

    Last week I learned that they will be seating 24 students for next year's class. Appears 9 students have gotten the nod leaving room for 15 more.

    Might expect a decision this week or perhaps you might want to call the school.....I'd call--A closed mouth never gets fed!
  4. by   mbrian46
    I called the school yesterday and I'm still on the "hold" list. They said decisions will be made soon......
  5. by   New CCU RN nerve wracking!!!!!!!!! I wish you the best of luck!!!
  6. by   g8rlimey
    Hey all:
    I interviewed there on 16 Dec, and we were told the admissions committee met on the 17th and letters of decision will be mailed on Thurs or Fri...BTW, I loved the school...very friendly and great opportunities for clinical experiences!
  7. by   N2bate many folks (applicants) were there with you?
  8. by   mbrian46
    Well......I found out today that I did not get accepted to VCU, I am on the alternate list..oh well.......try, try again.
  9. by   g8rlimey

    There were 11 other applicants...


    Sorry about your luck, I too heard somewhat disappointing news today...G-town put me on their hold list until Feb., not exactly a no, but close enough. Oh well, onward and upward...
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  10. by   N2bate
    Mbrian46......Keep your chin up! Many of us have suffered that first application rejection only to get picked up in a second round of number crunching--doesn't make being on the wait list any easier, but does provide solid hope for another shot. Where are you on the wait list numerically?
  11. by   mbrian46
    I'm not sure where I stand on the alternate list. I haven't received my letter yet. MG emailed the news this morning. Do they rank the people on the alternate list or is it a pool they choose from?
  12. by   N2bate
    I think they do rank folks on the wait list....they did last year anyway. Perhaps your letter may spell that out.
  13. by   dontae
    Here's a story of hope for the people on alternate lists. A CRNA in the OR that I worked in shared with me that she was put on the alternate list and actually got called just 2 weeks before the program started. She gave an immediate resignation letter, borrowed money from family members to get started, and made the move. Point of her story was to stay ready and don't lose hope.

    Speaking of bad news, I found out that I didn't even make the interviews for UAB. Stupidity on my part actually. I'm too embarrassed to tell the whole story. I will say that whatever it takes, you should check and recheck that all your materials arrive to the correct spot. I trusted that my GRE scores were there since I received a receipt from the GRE people stating that the scores had been sent. Well, turns out those scores were indeed sent to the school, but to the general graduation admissions office, not to the anesthesia admissions office. But that's only part of it.

    Oh well, I'm not dead, so I guess I'm a little stronger today.

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