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  1. I am interested in hearing from anyone who has been accepted or is a graduate of the following programs: Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island, and VA School of Anesthesia in Minneapolis. I have an interview scheduled at MHRI if a few weeks and would like some info on what to expect. Thanks.
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  3. by   New CCU RN
    You are a few steps ahead of me in the process!!! But I just wanted to wish you luck! I wish I had expert advice to give you! I would def just be well prepared to answer questions why anest? How do you know you are able to go through? Strengths and weaknesses? Talk about you ICU experiences?

    This forum has tons of info if you scroll on through and there are alot of people w/ experience either already being a CRNA or in SRNA school. Hopefully they can offer more expert advice!!!!

    Good luck, remember to relax!!!

    PS. originally from RI hope you like it there!!!!
  4. by   jsauer
    Hi I just wanted to also say good luck!!! I am currently a Pitt student in my first semester. I have so many mixed emotions: fear-excited-nervous 24 hours a day. My husband woke me up the other day and the first answer out of my mouth was anesthesia words like solubility. You live, breath, and only know anesthesia related things. you could probably ask me my name and I would not know it but if you asked me uptake and distribution related to anesthesia i would know it. We had our first exam and was not too bad. Any way, good luck with your interview. My advice would be too act extremely interested but not overbearing-this is not the time to be shy- express how you absolutely love the idea of being atonomous but afraid of asking for help. If there are any questions that i can answer, let me know. I know when I interviewed at Pitt they asked me about my personal and financial status at home. Who was my support system. Make it sound good-stable. Well i gotta go and study of course.
  5. by   AL bug
    My advise is to show yourself. I think a lot of the interview is feeling out your personality...they can read transcripts and know whether you are smart or not. They want to know about you and your determination and stamina. Nearly all of my interview questions were about me...background, family support, finances, attitude, personality, etc. I had no clinical questions but did get to talk about what kind of patients I liked in the unit and why I wanted to go to anesthesia school. Relax and show them yourself.