TWU alert (rumor debunking)

  1. Today Dr. Reinkie made mention of that fact that he has caught wind of a rumor wich has recently circulated involing him having a cardiovascular condtion.
    He explained how noone in his family has ever had such a condition and nor does he, that he is aware of. furthermore noone in his family has ever taken blood pressure medication. he is healthy.
    He made note that last year at this same time A rumor was generated that he was going to retire. He stated his plans to stay at TWU until he retires (70 y.o)
    one might be inclined to ponder the irony that every year (the last two) durring the time when students are selecting a school to attend these rumors surface.
    he asked us to debunk these rumors when we hear them. that is the purpose of this post as I personally have recieved several PM's asking me about his heart.
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  3. by   chris_at_lucas_RN
    Silly me! When I saw "TWU," I thought you were referring to Texas Women's University, which has a large (and so the rumor says) good nursing program.

    No clue who this person is, but sure do wish him well.... and am wondering I guess what difference it makes whether he has a CV condition or not, except I'm always glad to hear that someone thought to have been ill, isn't.....