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  1. gimmie the top 5 reasons that you guys believe nursing is a profession. What i mean is what makes a profession? I am doing a paper on this right now and i thought i would poll some of your ideas. thanks all
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  3. by   Dr. Kate
    Pretty standard stuff, just off the top of my head:
    Unique and definable body of knowledge
    Specific Code of Ethics
    Supports ongoing research both qualitative and quantitative to validate practice and exand knowledge base
    Evolving practice standards that define adequate from substandard practice
    When practice is theory or model based, practice that is coherent, consistent, contemporary, creative, logical, defensible, and based on critical thinking.
  4. by   WntrMute2
    Great response but you forgot a couple of things that are in conflict with being a profession. 1) Most of us are not salaried. That is frequently a strike againts profesionalism. 2) You punch a clock and show up where you are assigned, take the patients assigned. You cannot just leave and say i'll finish this over the weekend. having CHOICE about your daily tasks is frequently part of the definition of profession. 3) You can be fired at will (except for unionized nurses, which I happen to believe in).. Again, a strike for nurses being labor instead of proffessionals. Not bad, just i think we are a funny combination of the two.
  5. by   N2B8
    1) It is a way of life, . . . not merely a job.
    2) It requires a knowledge base and demands continuous education.
    3) It is privilidged in that you impact people's lives in a profound way.
    4) Just think what a profession it would be if the two million plus nurses in this country would unify. . . .
    5) Responsibility

  6. by   SCB

    I would love to see the largest number of professionals representing health care unite. Nursing would be very powerful.

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