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  1. Hello.

    I have a BS in Cellular and Molecular Biology. For the last 5 years, I've worked as a Network Engineer at various DotBombs. I've been thinking that I want to utilize my degree and get into the health care field. I have some friends who are RN's right now, and I am considering doing this as well. I am wondering if I should go to a community college and get an AS in RN, or if I should do a fast-track BSN program at the University of Central Florida. I know a few nurses who work at Orlando Regional Medical Center (ORMC) and at Florida Hospital (our teaching hospital). I would eventually like to specialise as a CRNA.

    Anyway, during my college years, I sort of messed around, and didn't get really serious until my senior year, so my GPA suffered (I left with a 2.85). I understand that CRNA's require a 3.0 or better. So, would it be better for my to get a BSN (while making sure I keep my grades up), work in an ICU for a year, then apply to CRNA schools? Or should I maybe get an AS Registered Nurse, and then work ICU, then apply to CRNA.

    What are my better chances of success?

    Thank you!
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    Cos, go to UCF-- it will help your GPA if you know what I mean, although you don't really need a bsn for all crna schools. So you would be doing this for your gpa otherwise I would say get your nursing with your 1 year experience asap.