Thinking of becoming a Nurse Anesthetist...can you give me any tips?

  1. I'm thinking of becoming a nurse anesthetist. I'd like to talk to some nurses who have worked in this field and find out how you like/dislike this job, what the pro's and con's of it are. If any of you can help me please post your msg. or email me at Thanx!!
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    This will probably help you Daniel. Take care and best wishes in your dream of becoming a CRNA.
    failedGRNA wrote on 01-30-2004 04:31 AM:
    Hi Yoga

    You mentioned you still nurse practice anesthesia in one of your posts. How long do you intend to practice this profession? Thanks for the advise about Valley Anesthesia. My orthopod and another surgeon friend think the same way that I should put into practice what I learned considering the time, money, and energy spent in studying nurse anesthesia several yrs ago.

    I do not think I can go back to bedside critical care nursing after my knees took a turn for the worse with meniscal tear and DJD (osteoarthritis) recently. After I did not pass my board exam in 1995, I questioned God why I did not pass. I went into deep depression. Even then I went back right away to cardiac care nursing. In 2002, I was so determined that critical care nursing in the CCU will be my retirement job. I was so content doing it at that time

    Then something happened with my knee in 2002 and right now I am contemplating again about anesthesia. If you were me how would you go about returning to this field, Yoga? Go back to school again to take refresher courses? I feel so out of touch with the anesthesia world right now.

    Kindly tell me also 1-10 things that you love about nurse anesthesia and 1-10 things that you dislike about it at times with passion. I think I will change my name when I become CRNA. Thanks again for the reply.

    Take care and God bless
    FG aka Tess
    I am not sure of the process for getting back in the anesthesia mode, but I think you should start with the Council of Certification at AANA. They will give you some direction about the board exam, how to reapply, etc. Also, I think you should contact your school director and ask for some advise regarding what you want to do. Be prepared to ask for clinical time (without pay) and the opportunity to sit in on some classes and conferences. The AANA Continuing Education department may have information on refresher courses that may be available.

    Ten Things I Love About Being a CRNA:
    1. Planning anesthesia technique according to the needs of the patient and surgery.
    2. One on one patient care.
    3. Making the patients' anesthesia and surgical experience good. This includes minimal post-op pain and nausea control.
    4. Independent practice
    5. The people I work with (great group of surgeons and RNs)
    6. Not having to follow stupid nursing service policies.
    7. Great income
    8. Ability to have my own business
    9. AANA (wonderful professional organization)
    10. Knowing other CRNAs. We really care about our patients, our profession and each other.

    What I don't like.
    1. The fact that we don't get the respect we deserve for what we do.
    2. Having to justify our incomes.
    3. Stress in difficult cases.
    4. Surgeons and nurses who try to interfere with anesthesia (doesn't happen in my current practice, but did in the past)
    5. Being tethered to an anesthesia machine in long cases.
    6. Not much else, I really love this profession.

    Keep in touch and let me know your progress. I would be pleased to offer you moral support.

  4. by   tmobsnmsrn
    Sorry I knew there is something wrong when I typed your name Take care Danielle.
  5. by   Kiwi
    Refer to the thread at the top of the message board. It's written by Nilepoc and describes a lot about the profession.

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