Texas Wesleyan Students lend me your ear

  1. To all those starting at Texas Wesleyan in 65 days let us converse now.
    1 Is the finacial aid dept giving you gas?? me too. yesterday they told me they would have our award letters out mid July.

    2 what is everyone doing to prepare themselves for chem.

    3 who is excited/scared to face the terror that is Dr. Reinke.

    4. How about clinical sites? where are you going?
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  3. by   sandman
    1. The financial aid dept gave me the same story. Kinda makes me nervous though.

    2. I have not been making any preparations for Chem....but I also have a chem degree.

    3. I have heard a lot about Dr. Reinke. I guess that he is an excellent instructor. I look forward to the challenge.\

    4. My clinical site is at Arrowhead Regional Med Center in Colton CA.
  4. by   alansmith52
    oh yes, I would love to go to colton now. my best friend is going there and a guy I know in the program is getting ready to go there in aug. I hope if the stars align themselves in my behalf to switch to colton
  5. by   MASKEDMAN
    1. Financial aide told me mid-July also. Does not seem like much time.

    2. I am currently taking General Chem right now as a refresher, since it's been approx. 7 years since having any chemistry. I can not believe how much I had forgotten.

    3. I am unaware of Dr. Reinke. Is this something that should concern me?

    4. My clinical site will be in Little Rock, AR.

    Anyone else with input about TWU. Good and Bad points feel free to post.
  6. by   sandman
    Alan, where is your clinical site?
  7. by   alansmith52
    texas tech university in Lubbock. yep lubbock
    Dr. Reinke teaches anatomy and physiology he is a crna producer. students cry when they tell me about his tests. he's probably the guy that interviewed you. did you get the question about the ABG that was him.
    he has a son who is a CRNA, He is brilliant and the backbone of the program. the school could loose thier director but not him.
  8. by   arkgolfer
    1. Same with financial aid. I have acquired one private loan and waiting to hear from another one. I also plan to roll over my 401k to an IRA with the ability to obtain student disbursements without IRS penalties.

    2. I took an organic/biochemistry class last summer, and the textbook for the class I got from a current student and it looks similar to what I took last summer.

    3. I have heard nothing but great things about Dr. Reinke. They say his tests are unbelievable, but you won't encounter anything on them you haven't covered or should have learned in class.

    4. Baptist Health in Little Rock.

    As for preparing, I had intentions of studying all summer to try and "get ahead" on stuff, but I have instead opted to be Mr. Mom this summer and spend as much time as possible with my kids, since I'm not likely going to get much of that over the next 27 months. Oh, and playing as much golf as possible.
  9. by   alansmith52
    so thats four of us thus far, maybe we should form a study group or somthing, I guess we'll see huh.. how about computer stuff. ie pda, laptop ect.
  10. by   MASKEDMAN
    Is anyone going to live on campus, or have you secured accommodations elsewhere.

    Semi-new laptop and pda. Wondering if I should upgrade or just save my money.

    I must say the days of nervousness are beginning to outweigh the days of excitement. I believe this to be a good thing.
  11. by   alansmith52
    me too, I am motivated by fear slightly more than I am motivated by excitement, I moved to FTworth in feb and am renting a house for 695 but am in the process of closing on a purchase. this wasn't my plan from the begining but the deal is just too good. I have only upgraded my desktop as of yet. I will probably get the newest sony clie for the audio recording capability havn't decided on a laptop yet, I just can't see what I would use it for yet.
    how do you know what chem book we will be using. supposedly its a new teacher this next sem.
  12. by   sandman
    I moved to Fort Worth at the beginning of June because my wife to be had already secured a job here. I have a fairly high powered desktop for being a couple years old, a sony clie, and a new apple powerbook....I gotta have my toys!!!
  13. by   alansmith52
    I love toys too. when I said I upgraded my desktop that was lie. I actually built a new one. I am a gamer. its a vice I know and these days are comming to an end so I am playing games as well as I can with the fastest computer I could build.
    by the way my real name is Matt Smith its hard to get a user ID as matt smith so I go with my middle name alan
  14. by   arkgolfer
    I did the new laptop deal, school seemed like a good excuse. I have an older PDA, Palm M130, I think it will do though. My bro-in-law lives in North Richland Hills, so I'll be staying with them this first semester. We have a pretty fierce golfing rivalry, so I'm tempted to leave the sticks in AR while I'm down there. We are also heading to Destin for 10 days this weekend for one last pre-anesthetic vacation.