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To all those starting at Texas Wesleyan in 65 days let us converse now. 1 Is the finacial aid dept giving you gas?? me too. yesterday they told me they would have our award letters out mid... Read More

  1. by   SCHMEGGA
    Hey Matt,
    Just ask around. There are several people in our class who were making them available to students in your class. There should be several there that have them on CD. Look up Tammy Rodriguez, she is a repeater. Tell her that Shawn Miller sent you to ask about them and she will get you a copy. Also tell her to give me a call on my cell. Thanks.
  2. by   MD/Phd
    you guys are [deleted by moderator] you think this is tuff, go to medical school! enuff said
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  3. by   Diprivan/Vented
    Originally posted by MD/Phd
    you guys are [deleted by moderator] you think this is tuff, go to medical school! enuff said

    So tell us how you'd manage a pt in HHNK (glucose 1400), with renal failure, CPK 3000, p02 of 56, pCO2 of 64. Oh yeah, and with an a UGIB and serum potassium level of 7.2. I had this pt for 16 hrs the other day, and he did fine on me. Have fun.
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  4. by   deepz
    Amusing, isn't it, how some of our Major Diety MDs delude themselves, thinking the act of barking orders is actual hands-on patient care?

    They just don't know what they don't know.

  5. by   mommyof2grls
    Can anyone tell me about the infamous ABG questions of Dr. Reinke? Sounds brutal.
    <----waiting to hear about an interview.
  6. by   alansmith52
    I can hardly imagine that an actuall Phd could be so ignorant. most likely this a joke from one of my buddies. But if its not you should be made aware that there is a forum for wannabies like you at studentdoc.net. you should fit in nicely it is mostly students and residents like you who act this way for a reason one can only equate to fear. secure practioners who have jobs and lifes dont frequent these boards to get their kicks out of childeshness banter like you have here-to-fore displayed.
    If you are in medical school stop messing around and go to class ( a rarity I am told for med students) its the only way youll ever really be able to compete with us.
    Most likely you are a D.O. student beacuse Anesthesia is usually the only residency they can get into. And if thats the case (nuff said)

    Either way you would do well to mind your buisness and see your way out of this board before you embarass your self and medicine anymore.
  7. by   jonas42
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  8. by   alansmith52
    Jonas I am sorry you feel that way. really I am. you made a level heaed comment. which I a appreciate. Since you read some of my previous posts you have no doubt noticed that I have been a senior member of this board for years. well 2 to be exzact
    95% percent of my posts are aimed at helping others on their quest in getting into school. and recently I havnt posted much at all and when i do it is an update as to how things are going in my school. patrons of the board tell me its helpfull and that they enjoy hearing what its like.
    admittedly, on occasion, I have been known to make a tough, sharp tounged stand. over the years I have cultivated a desire to stamp out ignorance when i find it. In the case of the "Doctor" he came to our board cursing at us. And the TCU incedent was just friendly banter I appreciate the fact that TCU is here. It is only good for our profession.
    There are some of us who feel it important to protect this board from ingnorant insurgance. Nilepoc would likely do it (although more elouquently but he is as busy as I am in school) (and he would have less spelling errors).
    I appreciate all concerns for my health. you are right I will likely have an anurysm rupture soon. Then at least I will get a taste of my own medicine. I used to be a Neuro truama ICU nurse. I just hope they dont pinch me too hard

    p.s. its not enough just to have an anyursm most of us do... it has to rupture before the fun begins..
  9. by   CRHSrn