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  1. Has anyone attended or know anyone that has attended the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center clinical site? This is my primary clinical assignment for phase 2 of the TWU program. I do not know much about it, other than it is in Lubbock, Texas. I would appreciate any information about the hours, caseload, and types of cases (general vs. regional). Thanks for any information.

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    navigate around, will find a sample call schedule, Rotation schedule. About as much information I could find, other than directly discussing the experience with someone.

    Should help with some questions.
  4. by   TexasGas
    From all accounts, this is the clinical sit I personally am aiming for. From what I understand, TTUHSC demands a great deal of their SRNAs, and in turn will give them all that they can handle. What better way to learn than to be thorwn into the fire. The autonomy (for a student's decision making that is) at this site for SRNAs is what I understand makes the situation so attractive. They demand much of the student, and in turn will provide an experience that will more than prepare the SRNA for work after school. All of this info is a collaboration from about 6 current and former SRNAs in Lubbock. As one of the former students put it, "The first day they had a detailed orientation, and the next thing I knew I had a pager in my hand for which I would be responsible for in 48 hrs time. It was rigorous, but when it all ended, I was ready for anything."

    Now after you read all of this info, keep in mind that I received my undergrad in Zoology & Chemistry from Tech, and I am very fond of the Lubbock experience in itself. No traffic and a beautiful campus to boot.