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  1. Anyone have info on TCU'sprogram. I guess they are taking applications for their first class. They have applied for accreditation and should have an answer in May 2003.
    Has anyone applied this year and if so have you had interviews?
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  3. by   smiling_ru
    The original plan was to move the Texas Weslyan program into Texas Chrisitan. The Texas Weslyan program director evidently worked on this while on Texas Weslyan's time so she was fired. I don't know if she is the program director for Texas Christian now or not. Thought that the whole thing was a bust until I saw your post.
  4. by   megmermaid
    So... does Texas Wesleyan still have their program or are they planning on shutting down? I'm a little concerned-my app was sent last week. I had heard there had been some "changes" in administration but didn't know any details.
  5. by   smiling_ru
    They still have the program, the university was not aware of what was going on until late, and had no desire to move the progam out of their system. Beyond that I know nothing about what is going on now. As I said I did not realize that the TCU program was still going to start.
  6. by   CRHSrn
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  7. by   apaphoenix

    I'm in the Wesleyan program now and as far as I know, there will be no huge changes. The University has just opted to begin pumping more money back into the CRNA program (it is their main money maker). In addition, they are building a new Nurse Anesthesia building as we speak. They are being a little tight lipped about the whole thing, and have not divulged much info about the director's snaffu to us. However, they have an interim director, and the students have been assured that we are in no jeopardy. Also, they are currently in the process of conducting interviews for the 2003 class, so i assume that the program is still in good shape.

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  8. by   megmermaid
    thanks Bruce, it makes me feel better to hear that from someone who is in the program.
  9. by   alansmith52
    because I had already been accepted else where.
    i was accepted but was told that they would not be able to assing me to a clinical at this time.
    so I guess i am still waiting really.
  10. by   fence
    Anyone secure an interview with TCU as of yet?
  11. by   parklandtrauma
    I live in Dallas and just heard of the TCU program. so for the last few days i have been busting it trying to get in all my info. From what i read and hear If every thing is turned in by Jan. 17 you will find out by end of Feb. other than that. I am clueless about the program, clinical sites ect. does anyone else know anything.
  12. by   zzzzzgirl
    I spoke with a woman in the Dean's office for the anesthesia program today.

    They are admitting btwn 60-80 students. Cost is approx $36,000 for this private school. Yes, either MAT or GRE is acceptable. Length is 28 months. CLinical sites under consideration range from West Texas to all states surrounding TX and then some. Sounded like a very broad clinical site base.

    Hope that helps!

  13. by   M&M_Girl_1977
    Wow - 60-80 students and nicely spread out clinicals, that is awesome.

    Am I correct in assuming that would make Texas Christian the biggest Nurse Anesthesia program in Texas?

  14. by   zzzzzgirl
    I still think Texas Wesleyan may be same or bigger.


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