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Anyone have info on TCU'sprogram. I guess they are taking applications for their first class. They have applied for accreditation and should have an answer in May 2003. Has anyone applied this year... Read More

  1. by   dontae
    I guess it's true what they say........they just do things bigger in Texas. lol
  2. by   smiling_ru
    Texas Wesleyan takes over 100 students a year.
  3. by   fence
    I have an interview on February 10 with TCU. Anyone else interviewed as of yet? The good thing about the interview is I should have an answer about admission with in a week after the interview. I think I can wait that long...lol. Would love to here from others interested in TCU.
  4. by   arkgolfer
    Have they announced where there clinical sites might be yet? I interviewed at TWU, and still have to interview at my choices for clinical sites before acceptance here.
  5. by   tugbird
    I attended TCU while my husband was stationed in Texas. I was in the regular nursing program though not the nurse anesthetist program so I'm sure I am no help at all. The school is great though and I think you are going to like it there. I wish I could have finished my education there but alas we were transfered to another state. Good luck to you.
  6. by   CRHSrn
    this thread has been dead for a few weeks so i thought i would revitalize it ... has anyone heard any more about the program @ tcu ???
  7. by   VaMedic
    Hey all,
    I was surfing the net and found a link for TCU's CRNA website.
    TCU - CRNA
  8. by   VaMedic
    Found some more as well. Here is an article from one of their newsletters. Hope this helps some.

    Nurse Anesthesia Program Accepts Applications


    TCU's College of Health and Human Sciences is accepting student applications for its School of Anesthesia, which will begin classes next fall after receiving accreditation. The new program will enable registered nurses to earn a master of science in nurse anesthesia, and, after graduation, take an exam to become certified registered nurse anesthetists (CRNAs).

    As many as 60 students will be accepted into the 28-month, full-time degree program in the first year. Applicants must have a bachelor of science degree, be a Texas-licensed registered nurse and have at least one year of critical care experience. Cost for the program, including tuition and fees, is approximately $36,000.

    "About 65 percent of all anesthesia administered in the United States is delivered by nurse anesthetists," said Dr. Rhonda Keen-Payne, dean of the College of Health and Human Sciences. "Hospitals today face an extreme shortage of CRNAs. Establishing this school at TCU will alleviate some of that pressure.

    "The program in nurse anesthesia will also encourage young students to pursue nursing as a career. Many students will be attracted to the general field because of the status of nurse anesthesia. Some will become excellent RNs and find their niche in other high-shortage areas such as pediatric and adult critical care," she adds.

    Kay K. Sanders (CRNA, MHS), who recently led the largest CRNA program in the nation, says she is pleased to join TCU as director of the school. "The opportunity to combine nurse anesthesia with TCU's history and current status was irresistible: this is a perfect combination. We'll prepare CRNAs who will make important contributions in health care."

    During the first year of the degree program, students will study physiology, pathophysiology, pharmacology and chemistry. During the final year, students will complete clinical residencies at hospitals under the supervision of certified registered nurse anesthetists or doctors. Each student will be required to manage approximately 600 anesthesia patient cases before graduation.

    The TCU School of Nurse Anesthesia will be one of a handful of programs in the Southwest offering a path to certification in nurse anesthesia. After the first year, the school plans to admit up to 90 students every year. For more information on the School of Nurse Anesthesia at TCU, contact the TCU College of Health and Human Sciences at 817-257-6749, or visit their Web site at www.crna.tcu.edu/.

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