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  1. Have now scheduled an interview for TCU. Am excited, nervous, etc. Any words of wisdom or specific hints to share about their interview? Thanks in advance.

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  3. by   Renee' Y-Y
    I am a TCU alum... GO FROGS!! I can't give you any words of wisdom regarding anesthesia school as I'm an educator, however, I think you'll love the campus & Ft. Worth...if you're not already from these parts!! I have known nurses that went for interviews at other anesthesia schools & were asked quite a bit about A&P stuff & pharmacology. Don't know how helpful that is, but best of luck & I will certainly keep my fingers crossed for you!!
  4. by   crna2bee

    I interviewed last month and was accepted into TCU's 2nd class. I don't know how your interview will be, since it is very late in the process but here is how my interview went. I arrived 30min early expecting that i would need that much time to vomit r/t nerves. The director Kat Sanders met me in the waiting room, and we started early. There was Mrs.Sanders, Mr.Tim Gollaher (Instructor), and Mr.Robert Kelsey(Instructor) in the room with me. I on one side of the table and they on the other. They took turns with the questions starting with personal, get-to-know-about-you sort of things. Then they asked me in great detail about clinical questions related to my background which is Trauma/Neuro/Surgery I.C.U. I really was not probed about vasoactive drugs, or many drugs of any type for that matter. The questions were mostly situational. What would you do if your patient........Then there is the ABG?'s that everyone gets, Rhythym strips, etc that you would expect. But like I said It was mostly tailored to my experience, and the questions related to my field increased in complexity until I finally had to say "I dont know". I think that this was something they were looking for, to see what I wold say if I did not know. So, don't try and B.S. them, just admit it. The most dangerous thing a nurse can do is not ask if they don't know all the answers. Honestly, It was not that brutal. I had interviewed other places before TCU and the interviews were basically the same. I was accepted to the other programs, but chose TCU. When is your interview, hope you do well, hope to meet you in August.

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    Have now scheduled an interview for TCU. Am excited, nervoous, etc. Any words of wisdom or specific hints to share about their interview? Thanks in advance.

  5. by   alansmith52
    last year the interveiw was apperenlty quite easy. many of my friends were told they were in durring the interview. They were probably just hoping to get enough for the first year, which they did.
    this year I am hearing it is much more difficult. perhaps they found that they need to do a better job at selections. One interviewee said it was a lot like wesleyans interview this year.
    good luck
  6. by   tcrn
    I interviewed recently and was really impressed by the facility, people and a positive "feeling" I got about the program. Do not go into this thinking it will be easy or thinking negetive thoughts. Just go in knowing that you have good experience and it is ok not to know all of the answers. Stay composed and maintain a positive attitude when stumped.
    Good luck!
  7. by   maggielee
    Thanks for all the replies! I am truly enjoying this board and the extra knowledge gained. Thanks again!

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