Stress Relief???

  1. Just curious as to how those of you who are CRNAs handle/cope with the stressors of the profession? Are their specific "pearls" that you have found to be effective that you could share ? I'm thinking of strategies both on and off the job...

    Looking forward to your replies

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  3. by   Passin' Gas
    Gardening, there is something quite therapeutic by planting a seed and having a beautiful vine or flower come from it.

    Find something you enjoy and MAKE the time to do it.

  4. by   Passin' Gas
    The best thing to do to decrease stress "on the job" is to know your profession well. The more you know about your profession, the less you will have "surprises", and the lower your stress levels will be.

    Always have several backup plans in mind even for what apears to be the simplest of cases. Preparation is the best stress reliever.

    And always be alert and vigilant.
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  5. by   TexasCRNA
    I like to go for sushi post call or hit the weight room and work up a good sweat. I would add hunting to the list but 1. don't have that kinda time and 2. I promised the wife no hunting till I get done with school.

  6. by   g8rlimey

    Just wondering what your job prospects are now you are closing in on the end....
  7. by   yoga crna
    Surprise--I do yoga. But, to keep the stress down at work, I find good planning and preparation takes away unnecessary stress. Even after all of these years, I make sure I have a back-up, working laryngoscope, ambu bag, oxygen etc.
    I have also learned some good skills in getting along with surgeons and nursing personnel. It makes it fun to go to work when you are in a calm environment.
  8. by   TexasCRNA
    Sam, I am looking to go to the mid-west area. I like that area to live and raise a family (great hunting to boot). As of now just about all the places I have interviewed, I have liked. The hardest part is which one to take?? I am looking at places that have about 300 beds, level II trauma, lets me do regional and has flexible schedules like 10s or 12s. Good people to work with along with help with school loans.

    My interviews have allowed me to bring my wife and daughter so that she may also look over the area. All the interviews expenses have been paid in full by the hospital or group.

    There are so many variables. I am planning one more interview to Dallas sometime in April and after that visit I will decide.
  9. by   bjbarden
    I take karate lessons, where else can you kick, scream and jump up and down-because everybody is doing the same thing! Anyway it's cheaper than psychotherapy or drugs...