Still paying for abusive ex?

  1. I'm worried about something I learned recently. I'll start at the beginning...I was married to an abusive man. I finally got away, but he stalked me. One night he broke into my home and completely trashed my house, furniture, etc. I called the police and had him arrested. When he was being taken from my house, he told the police that I had broken some things too. Not true, but I guess that didn't matter because they arrested me too. Apparently it didn't matter to them that he violated a restraining order when he broke in. Luckily, the judge was the same one who issued the restraining order so he knew what was going on. He asked me to attend classes for battered women at the local YWCA with the understanding that when I completed the classes, the charges would be dropped and wouldn't show on my record. I attended the classes and thought everything was okay. Now, years later, I find out that the charges still show on my record.

    I've waited so long to get the chance to go back to college and pursue my dream of being a crna (I'm just working on my BSN now) and I'm scared that this might prevent me from getting my rn license. Will it? It seems so unfair that this horrible person might still be able to keep me from doing what I've always wanted to do.
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  3. by   skipaway
    Did you forward to the courts your completion information?

    If you did, then I'd get a lawyer to assist you in getting your record expunged.
    I would not think this would be a problem getting into school, it does not sound like a felony conviction to me. Also, one other suggestion is contact your state board of nursing and run it by them.

    Good luck to you.
  4. by   TexasCCRN
    Sounds like good advice. Congrats on being strong enough to save your life and get away! Don't let it stop you from achieving your dream. You can find a way, just check things out.
  5. by   yoga crna
    Go to a spousal abuse center--look in the Yellow Pages and ask for legal assistance. They will probablly be able to refer you to an attorney who specializes in these matters.

    As far as getting into nursing, you may want to check on the website of the nursing board in the state where you live. See if they have any information regarding this type of problem. That may be putting the cart before the hourse, but you can get some sense of direction.

    Good luck in pursuit of your dream.
  6. by   stbernardclub
    Probably will not be anything to worry about. When it comes time to apply for your license, you will be asked questions that you can explain the what and why's....I just got my winter news letter for our state, and they pretty much state that if your honest and explain yourself you should not have a problem.
  7. by   sway
    I agree, that you need to get a laywer and deal with this NOW. You need to be VERY agressive and vigilant to set the record straight as soon as you can. The longer you let this go, the more difficult it may be to fix, and the less you'll remember about it. I think a decent laywer will be able to tell you how to go about fixing things, and every dollar you spend on dealing with it now will save you tenfold in the future. Make sure to make copies of all correspondence relating to this situation, and get everything in writing and put it in a safe place. You could also sit down, and write out a timeline of events relating to this situation, including names of judges, dates, make sure your side of the story is straight and clear.

    Good luck...
  8. by   pigtails
    I think that if you explain this to any board, they will understand. If any grad school applications ask about this, just provide a thorough explanation. It sounds as though you have a strong personality. Use this experience to show you are tough and have learned from this experience. Wisdom makes a stronger provider.