Starting application process...many questions...

  1. Maybe some of you can help me answer some questions! First of all, I have read the FAQ and found it very useful, hence some of the questions I am going to pose.

    Background: I have a 3.45 (cum laude) BSN from Auburn Univ, in Auburn, AL. I also have a previous B.S.Ed, with a lackluster 3.1. My science/math GPA is slightly above 3.4, and my nursing school GPA is 3.6. I took the GRE recently and got a 540 Verbal/700 Quantitative (1240), my old test score was an 1860 with the three sections combined (old format). I have been working about six months now in a busy MICU/SICU with 16 beds. I frequently manage three critical patients with vasoactive drips, mechanical ventilation, post sugical, pre-op, IABP, etc. I also am ACLS, PALS, and TNCC (instructor).

    I am applying for admission to an anesthesia program from summer of 2006. Schools I am considering are all in the southeast, in order of preference thus far: UAB, Samford, Goodling, UT Chat, Mercer. There are others, and I am still exploring options, but that is a start.

    1) Stupid question, but you guys would know better than this newb. What are my chances?

    2) Is there anything in particular about any of those schools that I should know about prior to using valuable time on the app process?

    3) I know money is out there, but I am still worried. Like some on here, I have not-so-stellar credit, related to first baccalaureate degree, as evidenced by multiple poor financial decisions. I am, however, working my way out that hole as hard as I can right now. Is the money going to be there for me?

    4) Are there any CRNAs in the Auburn, AL area that would allow me to shadow you for a few hours?

    Thanks for your time. There is absolutely nothing in my life I want to do more than go to anesthesia school. Hopefully I will be there soon! Thanks for your time, and I will see you in the trenches.

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  3. by   jts2404
    I don't know if you have taken the MAT, but that is what UT chatt requires for admission. I think they like a score of 45 of higher. They also are impressed if you have your CCRN. Good Luck!