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  1. I am a first year SRNA student at Samford Univ. in Alabama. My program requires us to do what they call a "Capstone Project" for presentation in our final semester (which is Dec. '05). The categories of this project that we can choose from are 1. research, 2. education, or 3. specialty area. At this stage we have been asked to choose any topic related to anesthesia and think about which category type to present the information. Even though it is not due anytime soon, we are required to work on it throughout the rest of the program.

    My mentor and I have discussed me doing an educational type project; meaning, possibly something with a pretest, posttest, learning tool and presentation. In particular, I am interested in neuroanesthesia. I would like to know if anyone has any suggestions for a specific area of neuroanesthesia that would be interesting and a good topic for an educational type project.

    I would really appreciate any suggestions. I chose an educational project that is related to a sub-specialty area because I am definitely not interested in research. Thanks, I look forward to getting some ideas.

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  3. by   suzanne4
    Anesthesia for an awake, stereotactic procedure, especially one where a neuro=psychologist is involved. You have to keep the patient light enough to be able to speak, yet have everything supremely controlled while blades are being poked in the brain. Or for a basilar artery aneurysm.

    Hope that this gives you a couple fo ideas.
  4. by   NCgirl
    Mannitol versus Hypertonic saline.....probably lots of research out there on it, so you're lit review would be a little easier than some other topics. Or maybe the use of other gases besides isoflurane for neuro. That's all I can think of right this second. I wish you the best of luck, I'm starting my Capstone this semester too!
  5. by   gaspassah
    i'm doing mine on hypnosis and its effects on ponv. not really what your focus is...unless pretest postest on n/v
  6. by   SproutRN
    Thanks y'all for the couple of suggestions. I'll look into them as I flip through my Cottrell Neuro book (in all my spare time), before my mentor gets on my case again! :chuckle

  7. by   athomas91
    this has nothing to do w/ neuro - but i recently started reading on the PICCO monitoring system used in Europe - it is interesting stuff...

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