Southeast schools

  1. Hello everyone,
    I am looking at schools which start in January and have received some info from the schools. Anybody out there with recent experience or thoughts on Carolina schools (East Carolina, UNC-Charlotte, USC-Columbia, Duke) or Barry, Boston College, Ganon Univ, Southwest Missouri?
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  3. by   mbrian46
    I'm currently attending Hamot Medical Center School of Anesthesia/ Gannon University in PA. I am in my first semester, so far, so good. There are 16 people in my class. In the past admissions were Fall and Spring, but now it's just Jan. classes. I have enjoyed the program so far.
  4. by   gonnabe
    I am USC-Columbia and love it!!!! It is affliated with the medical school so there is more focus on the science needed for anesthesia. There are no nursing BS requirements, and clinicals start up first semester, and you go 5 days a week in summer with no classes. Great balanced program and faculty excellent and very accessible. Feel free to pm me if you want more info.
    I also applied to UNC-Charlotte. While it is a good program it has nursing component. They dabble in clinical late first semester and go one or two days a week in summer. They only take 12 or so students for spring and interviews held this april pretty much fill up the class- Hope this helps.