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  1. by   Tenesma
    good luck MICU RN... anesthesia is a great and rewarding field...
  2. by   kmchugh

    You are right, there are some people who just won't leave it alone. But, if you look more closely, you'll find that most of the folks who won't leave it alone are med students and residents. And, in my practice, I have found that the residents who feel this way are usually in the minority.

    I think most MDA's and surgeons are glad there are CRNA's around. In most cases, you will find that MDA's and CRNA's work very well, side by side, and both have the interests of the patient at the top of their lists. That's why I have such a problem with the arguments presented (on both sides) in this debate. They are about "territory" and "who can do what", rather than about what is demostratively best for patients.

    The best you can do when confronted with this type of argument is present the facts, then leave it alone, knowing the majority of MDA's, surgeons, and CRNA's don't agree with the extremist point of view on either side of the argument.

    Kevin McHugh
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  3. by   kmchugh

    To answer your question, I have not heard of any special organizations that certifies just CRNA's to do TEE's. My understanding is that CRNA's are trained and certified in the same way physicians are. It seems here we are a bit behind the times, because I have only heard of one or two intraoperative TEE's being done, and have never seen one myself. I'd very much like to learn, though.

    Kevin McHugh
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  4. by   Tenesma
    i have to agree with Kevin... Most of the people I know who have issues with CRNAs are med students and beginning residents. They are still unsure of their own skills and feel threatened ... that is all. For a person in internship (like that person you quoted at the beginning) to think they know anything about anesthesia is beyond asinine. The more experienced residents and the attendings tend to have a less territorial attitude, mainly because they have become secure in their fund of knowledge and their arsenal of skills. This isn't a game about who is better, but rather what is more appropriate care for a patient - bottom line.

    As far as you being behind the times (kevin), i disagree... it is just a matter of resources and level of sophistication/level of difficulty of the cases provided by the surgeons you are working with... The patients at my hospital are the ones that most surgeons would never operate on (which is cool, because we get to see crazy stuff, but not so cool, because it can be really back-breaking work sometimes) and therefore we tend to pull out more stuff to get the job done... I doubt our morbidity and mortality is anything to be proud of though , nor am I 100% sure we are actually improving outcomes or really helping the patient... but that is a topic for an ethics forum...

    anyway, i hope everybody has a great columbus day weekend (i live in an italian neighborhood - so i don't have much of a choice!)


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