1. i am thinking of going to smsu (southwest missouri state) school of nursing anesthesia in springfield, missouri. has anyone had any experience with this school or heard anything about it? if so, please share. much appreciated. thanks!
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  3. by   jskibis
    Hi Bubba, I'm a clinical instructor there ( I also graduated from there 15 years ago)!
    What would you like to know about us?
    I can tell you that you will work hard in school,but will graduate with twice as many cases as are required to take boards, and will be well prepared to walk in and start a new job.
    How did you hear about us?
  4. by   fence
    I too will be applying to SMSU this fall. I love Springfield....There is a CRNA where I work and she recomends SMSU highly. I would would like to know what would give one applicant the edge over another.....
  5. by   bubba
    I am so glad that I have found someone on the inside to talk to about SMSU!!!!
    I heard about smsu school of anesthesia through a link from the AANA web site. I have a few questions to ask you, if you don't mind.
    First of all. I would love to go to SMSU. An in-law was admitted to St. John's for cardiac problems. My wife and I traveled from Oklahoma to Missouri to visit her Grandmother. I was already intrested in going to CRNA school when I was doing research on the AANA web site. This is how I first learned of SMSU. While visiting my grandmother-in-law at St. Johns, I was able to visit some of the city of Springfield, Missouri. I do want to become a CRNA. But I do not want to have to move to a major metrolopolis to go to school. I am used to a small town atmosphere, and I would like to keep it that way. SMSU is my first choice for CRNA school.I would even move to Springfield if I knew for sure that I would get accepted to SMSU
    I uderstand that there are about 6-8 students in each class-- twice a year. I know that the school is sponsered by a local anesthesia group. What I have heard is that schools that have a small class already know who will be accepted ahead of time. The ones who are acceped are people who the anesthesia group know already.
    jskibis, can you tell me what percentage of accepted students for the last class worked at St. Johns or what percentage of accepted students knew someone from the asesthesia group who sponsers the school?
    Is this a school in which your acceptance depends more on who you know than what you know?
    jskibis, How did you hear about the school and how did you get in to it? Were you a resident of Missouri? Did you work at St. Johns? Have your worked any where else as a CRNA? What do you do as a clinical instructor?
    Like fence, I would like to know what gives one applicant the edge over the other?
    If you have the information, I would also like to know what the starting salary is at St Johns of an RN with a year of experience in general ICU for MICU or SICU? As I said before, If it would significantly increase my chances of getting into SMSU, I would move my family there and work at St. John's.
    Another thing I would like to ask you about is the clinical aspect of the school. How much regional experience? How much call?
    During the first diadectic phase, how many days a week do you go to class? During the clinical phase, how many days a week do you go to class? Do you have many in this years class from Oklahoma?
    Now that I have bombarded you with questions, I would like to thank you in advance for the answers and any information you can give me. Who knows, we may meet in the future. You may be my clinical instructor! THANKS!!!
    "bubba" John from Oklahoma.....
  6. by   bubba
    Are your from Springfield? What is your experience, gpa, gre? Do you work at St John's?
    I have a BS in Biology and a AS in nursing. gpa 3.5 or so. Haven't taken the GRE yet. Have you had an interview yet? If so how was it? Where was it? What kind of questions did they ask?
    Are you planning to apply to other schools? which ones.
    My experience: 3 yrs cna/cma. 3 yrs med-surg, 1 yr home health, 1 year ambulatory care with conscience sedation experience, just started critical care..general ICU about 2 months. Keep in touch. Let me know about your progress. I'll let you know about mine.
  7. by   bubba
    Just a couple of more questions that I thought of.
    What is the average or median gre score and gpa of accepted students for the past year, and what is the average yrs (and kind) of critical care experience for the accepted students for the past year? I'm sure I'll think of some more questions later.. Thanks.
  8. by   fence
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  9. by   jskibis
    So many questions!
    The biggest clinical class is 6 students, sometimes less. The class that just started had 1 person out of the 6 that worked at St. Johns.
    GRE plays a role in admittance, especially since the folks in the Biomed Dept at SMSU, 1800 is a number they like.
    Springfield is not a major metropolis, its an overgrown small town!
    As far as knowing someone to get in, it probably helps a little to have a reference from someone the admissions comittee knows.
    I can answer other questions, but you probably need to come up here, take a tour of the place, shadow one of the students.
    Let me know other specific questions.

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