Side Effects of Anesthesia Medications

  1. I am developing an inservice on post-op complications for med/surg nurses. Can anyone give me or direct me to information regarding the most common anesthetic medications used and their post-op (actual & potential) complications?

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  3. by   CIRQL8
    Here are some of the commonly used drugs for OR:

    Versed (midazolam) antianxiety
    Morphine, fentanyl, demerol for narcotic pain control
    Propofol, sodium pentathol for induction agent
    isoflurane, sevoflurane, halothane for gas anesthesia (keep 'em inducted)
    For "light" sedation may just use propofol to keep sedated
    They use demerol/versed most of the time for endoscopy (i think)
    zemuron, and too many others to remember for muscle relaxation.

    Big side effect is always nausea and vomiting, I would guess mostly due to the narcotics. Of course there is disorientation and amnesia (as well as a constant forgetfulness until somewhat worn off). They always ask the same questions over and over!!!
    There is ALOT more info, but I deal only in the OR, maybe a recovery room nurse knows more of the side effects better.

    And Lori always addresses things so well!! I really would like to hear what she says...

    Good Luck!!
  4. by   gaspassah
    for patients who were administered
    long acting muscle relaxants.
    any renal dysfunction will prolong effect > 80% renal metabolism/ 20% liver. pancuronium has active metabolites that are (i think) 66% as potent as the parent post op resp depression.
    intermediate acting relaxants
    cisatracurium and atracurium are metabolized by non specific esterases and hoffmans elimination, most stable paralytics for renal or liver patients.
    metabolized mainly in the liver 80% 20 renal. vecuronium has metabolites that are (i think) 30% as potent as parent drug resp depression is a concideration, so any liver dysfunction will result in prolonged drug action.
    narc has the standard resp depression, constipation etc.
    for inhalation anesthetics once they are eliminated there are few postop concerns.
    nitrous has been shown to cause n/v
    sodium pentathol metabolizes into a moderately less potent barbituate before being eliminated so you get n/v, some resp depression, hangover effect.
    good books to look up more specifics,
    morgan and mikhail
  5. by   Renee' Y-Y
    Very helpful...thanx a bunch!!

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