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  1. For all you CRNAs and SRNAs, I'd like to know what were the factors about the school you selected that weighed heaviest in your decision making, and why.
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  3. by   lgcv
    The students attending had nothing but high praise for the program. Other programs seemed to have more dissatisfaction among their students. Also, the breadth of clinical rotations.
  4. by   braden74
    hey lgcv. if you don't mind, where did you go?
  5. by   AL bug
    CAMC-Charleston, WV
    1. Great reputation with graduates
    2. Master of Health Care Administration-no more nursing theory
    3. 3 clinical sites within 3 miles of each other and the school
    4. no MDA program-SRNA gets all the cases with no problem meeting requirements for graduation
    5. SRNA gets regional experience as well as hearts, heads, transplants(kidney),etc
    6. starts early-May
    7. I met the requirements and they let me in first

  6. by   Qwiigley
    I researched Cal State Fullerton, Kaiser School of Anesthesia. Great reputation for graduates. Well rounded education. 15, yes I said, 15 clinical sites! and the best part... no GRE! Program is 24 months, year round. Rumor has it, next year changes to 36 months, though. 240 applicants a year, accepts 30. I did get accepted this year and am very excited. Let me know if you'd like more information.
  7. by   nilepoc

    1. Regional is big on their agenda
    2. Very little if any competition with MDA residents
    3. Research based, Masters of Science degree
    4. They have a simulator
    5. Students seemed happy
    6. Great Trauma experience
    7. Front loaded program, ( I get to be a student for a year )
    8. Full cadaver lab
    9. DC is a fun City
    10. 100% pass rate on boards
    11. large class size, 40 students plus


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