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  1. well I'm 2 weeks into school and I thought I'd pass along a couple of things. 1) Counting on working is a foolhardy idea. Biochem, Pharm, Anatomy, Physiology, Principles of Anesthesia, and Clinicals all are required the first semester. Some days classes go from 8-1600 with clinical days starting @0530 or so. Remember these are graduate level classes all needing to be passed w/83% or above. 1 slip (meaning a C) in a group of core courses and your out, less than a B on the remainder means academic probation with a 2nd C meaning so-long Charlie. There is no retaking something later or graduating late. I don't believe anyone can work and keep up your grades. These are school policies pertaining to graduate level stuff. Set yourself up financially first. 2) Try to take some refresher classes. My biochem is a ***** for those who haven't had some sort of chem recently. Same thing for pharm or physiology, a fresh backround may help make the onslought of material more manageable.

    So long I'm back to studying.
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  3. by   Imrnlil
    As a crna wannabe I am very interested in your progress and experiences/insights. Keep it coming. There seems to be little info out there. thanks.
  4. by   malestudent-bsn
    Yeah, definitely..if there is anything you can pass on to a "wannabe" crna student like myself, please pass it on....By the way, what can you tell me or warn me about as far as the road to get to crna is there anything in the clinical stage that I should be prepare myself for, relating to wanting to enter a crna school?

    Thanks a lot
  5. by   nilepoc
    hey male, see my post on georgetown interviews.

    I think I put some good things that worked for me.

  6. by   JenniSss
    Hey wntrmute2, great info, keep it coming. Just wondering how long u were out of school before you went back to CRNA school. When I went to school for my BSN (in the first year with prerequisites) I took, CHEM 1, 2, and 3 and Organic Chem 1. This was now 5 yrs ago. Should I take a refresher course or maybe somekind of study workbook? I am applying now for the fall. Any other insights, like maybe on the interview process. I have heard from many that work is merely IMPOSSIBLE! That stinks, I guess I really need to start saving.

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