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  1. If I dont get some kind of "assistance", what kind of debt can I expect on avg for CRNA? I have currently about $40k for my BS and ADN alone!!! I feel like I could have went to medical school for that much money!! UGHHH....Thanks!!!
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  3. by   nilepoc
    You could have gon to medical school for that much money. but most of us are not in this purely for the money.

    but since you are talking about money, think of it this way. while a doctor is slogging through a residency making $30000 a year, you could be making $100000 plus, and you will have less loans than most doctors.

    And good luck with the assistance, i looked pretty hard, and came up with nothing. I think the pay is to good on the other side, and so there is not much help out there.
  4. by   jfpruitt
    Money is my last concern, except for not being able to pay back all these loans when I'm finished. I just didnt want much more debt when I got out than I already have.
  5. by   alansmith52
    while we are on the subject of money.
    I did some figuring the other day.
    if you start at 100000 (and maybe thats generous, I don't know)
    muliply by .33 (we will call that taxes) then subtract 33000 from 100000 and devide by 12 ends up being about 5600 a month.

    hhhhmmmmm. how much is that really? is a hundred grand worth what it use to be? I don't know.
    we all agree that money isn't the biggest reason right? but its not the least either.

    I have a vison of no debt. vacations, paying off a mortage, saving a goodly amount for my childrens college and weddings and retireing someday.

    is all that possible ?
    Matt RN

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