salaries in Los Angeles area

  1. Just wanted to know what salaries CRNA have in Los Angeles area. shows that average salary for CRNA in this area is about $123.000.00. When I try to search for CRNA jobs in some sites, like,, I didn't find there CRNA salaries for more than $80.000.00 - $90.000.00. On I found agent's offers for about $200.000.00 Is anybody here, in this forum, who are CRNA, works in Los Angeles area, and can give example of real CRNA salary in this area, please?
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  3. by   Qwiigley
    Southern California Kaiser pays new grads $124,000. Next year, this contract expires and the new contract, with beni's willl be around $140,000, or so they are telling me.
    PS: Hi Felix.
  4. by   pickledpepperRN
    I was going to suggest Kaiser or UCLA.
    Don't know the numbers but RN pay is higher at those facilities.
    You may want to try Long Beach Memorial too. They also have the Miller Childrens Hospital. Very good pay, benefits, and retirement there.
  5. by   kick_n_punch
    Thanks a lot, guys! I really appreciate your feedback. Very soon I'll ask more question and will wait for you to reply. I really enjoy this forum - bridge between my dream to become CRNA and reality. Thanks again.