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Hi Guys, I hope the word research didn't scare you away or keep anyone from reading my post. Personally the word makes me cringe, but being that I need the class to graduate, I'm learning to... Read More

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    Originally posted by WntrMute2
    No, cases are pretty rare.
    May be rare but the info out there shows that when it does occur it most commonly occurs in a health young male and the reason is because of the great lung capacity, when they take a deep breath on extubation, it creates a negative pressure with in the lungs, causing collapse of that avioli and subsequent rupture of the small vessels there.
    When it does happen, though-WOW! I made that post and we subsequently did an inservice on it. It was quite interesting. Our pt was an otherwise healthy 17 yr old in for arthoscopic surgery on an ankle performed under general anesthesia because he was terrified of a spinal with IV sedation. His only Hx was that he had suffered from layrngospasm post operatively when much younger. Pretty wild all the way around....especially when you see vent tubing full of bright red froth.

    The young man recoved quite nicely, I am happy to say and spent 24 hours in ICU for acute tx and observation before being returned to the med/surg ward.
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    I do however, have to agree that with a research project for school, one usually has limited time to complete the said project. I would also keep it simple, such as post op nausea/vomiting or pain control or even side effects to spinal anesthesia.....You can take simple, make it interesting and present it well and earn a good grade. Good luck and let us know what you decide on.
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    Thanks for all of your input! I 'll let you know what I decide!

    Ursula : )