Relocating to CO.

  1. I'm a CRNA and planning to relocate to CO. Does anyone know what the job market is like for CRNAs? Which part of Colorado is the best place to live? Is there a lot of competition from AAs? I'm planing to visit in the next few weeks. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   m1lkofamnesia
    The job market is tough. UCH I think had a few openings for experienced providers--check their website. USAP had some openings in Denver. I wouldn't work for that group after some drama happened a few months ago where one of their chief CRNAs allegedly got 2 CRNAs fired over something absolutely ridiculous. Not a place I'd want to work...and I think they have a non-compete so you are stuck there or have to move out of Denver (if they actually enforce it)! Yes, lots of AAs and they have an AA school in Denver, so they won't be going anywhere. I'd love to live in Denver but cannot see myself working in those types of environments for 40+ hrs a week. Just my personal opinion.
  4. by   Pgcrna222
    Thanks for the input. It was very helpful. There's a lot of Locum positions available both for per diem and full time. Forgive my ignorance, what is a non-compete? Do you live in CO?
  5. by   Pgcrna222
    What do you know about NCAP?
  6. by   m1lkofamnesia
    I don't know anything about the other jobs, sorry. A non-compete clause basically states that you cannot work for another anesthesia group/company within "X" amount of miles of your facility (sometimes they make it within X amount of miles of ANY of their facilities) within "X" amount of years when leaving a job. A lot of the mega anesthesia groups are using them in their contracts. Just be aware. It can "trap" some people into staying in their jobs, because they may not want to move 100 miles or whatever the contract states. Always have a lawyer look over your contract...
  7. by   Pgcrna222
    I'm greatful for the feedback. I have never heard of that especially in the east coast, non compete.
  8. by   Bluebolt
    Quote from Pgcrna222
    I'm greatful for the feedback. I have never heard of that especially in the east coast, non compete.
    Double check the contracts you're signing then because a non-compete clause is pretty standard in anesthesia contracts. If they will enforce them is another matter but I have known CRNAs burned by them.
  9. by   Pgcrna222
    I will inquire about that. I was hoping the Job market was good for CRNAS in the Colorado. There's a lot of Locum position
  10. by   loveanesthesia
    I and the CRNAs in my group refused to sign a blanket 'can't work within 50 miles' noncompete. We did sign one which stated we couldn't work anywhere where the company was giving anesthesia. That keeps a couple of CRNAs from breaking off and making their own deal with a surgicenter the company was covering. I would never sign one that limits you by distance. You are a captive once your family gets settled.
  11. by   Pgcrna222
    Thanks for the feedback. What are some of the best places to live? I'm looking for a great suburb with great schools and at least 0.5 acres. I hear the Louisville, Parker and Superior are nice places. Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!