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I was hoping I can get some opinions from you guys here on the CRNA board. I was really into the idea of becoming a nurse and was even more excited when I found out about the CRNA profession. I... Read More

  1. by   LeesieBug
    Not sure I would bother with Consumer Credit Counseling if your income is that low. We tried that, years ago, when we had an income similar to yours, and they basically sent us away. She said they cannot help if you simply don't have enough income to do anything with. ( I wound up sitting there crying in the office, while the nice lady patted my hand....quite embarrassing!! )

    We are getting by while I am in school by prioritizing what we can pay and what we can't. The essentials get paid, the rest just has to wait. Speaking from experience, I would NOT reccommend going into further debt. In your stuation, you shouldn't have to. Go for the free money! Look into hospital programs that pay tuition, check out the HRSA scholarship (based on finacial need, pays books, tuition, $1000 a month stipend), ask about community programs, nursing scholarships etc. In our state they have a program that pays, tuition, books, child care, lunch money, gas money, uniforms......It used to be called JTP (Job training Partnership), but I don't remember what it is called now.. I'd have to look it up. Your state may have something similar. The money is out there, you just have to be dilligent in hunting it down! Pester everyone!

    Good Luck

    HRSA info

    AHA!!!! Went hunting and found it. The one that used to be JTPA is now Workforce Investment Act. I found the Oklahoma website, and it lists nursing schools as approved places of training. You might want to call somebody and get some info on how it all works. Didn't find a lot of details, but it states the basics, lists approved schools etc. ... here is the link in case you are interested...
    (when you get to the approved providers list, you can click the "next set of documents" button to get more..there are more listed that it first appears!)
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  2. by   Cynthiann
    I'm currently qualifying for grants right now that pays for all my school related expenses, so that's not a problem. I'm getting $2500 grant $380 academic scholarship. The problem is having the extra money to pay the bills which is why I need to take on student loans. I have only two options: (1) quit school and go to work whenever my husband can be home with the kids (2) stay in school and take out all the student loans I can to help pay the bills. To tell you all the truth, I almost never started school in the first place because I originally planned on just waiting until both of my kids are in school full time (which is not until the year 2007). I decided to go to school because I figured that it's worth taking out loans to get my education done and by the time I graduate the youngest will at least be in pre-school. Another reason we are bad off financially is because the IRS is screwing with us and they owe us $5000 while we were depending on that money the entire year, it may take a few more months to get that money back... long story.
  3. by   LeesieBug
    That is why I mentioned the HRSA scholarship. Pays $1000 a month spending money if you get it.
  4. by   HAINESRN
    Have you ever considered becoming an LPN first? You can still obtain your RN in 2 years. Most LPN programs are 1 yr long and then you can get a good paying job and work part time while attending RN school. A lot of ADN programs will let LPN's accelerate into the 2nd year of the nursing program. You would just have to make sure and take college transferable science classes. LPN's in my area are starting at about $12-14/hr. This was the plan I used and while in RN school I had a weekend opt. position as an LPN. I worked 2 12hr shifts on the weekend and got paid for 40. Hope this helps and good luck to you.