Recommended courses while in BSN program?

  1. I am starting the BSN nursing program next week and have hopes of one day becoming a CRNA. The clinicals at my school are waitlisted and it might be a bit before I can get into a slot. I am planning to use this time to take some extra courses while I wait for an opening. My question is: are there any particular courses outside the normal BSN nursing curriculum that would look great on a anesthetist school application? Any other tips/advice would be most appreciated. Thanks so much.

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  3. by   M&M_Girl_1977
    I would suggest upper level science/biology courses.

  4. by   MIKEY LIKES
    Nathan, that is something I was thinking about as well. I suggest you go to the CRNA thread and look. Also see nilepoc's blog, you'll see the link at the CRNA thread. Good luck buddy.

  5. by   MIKEY LIKES
    Man....I'm an idiot....this is the CRNA thread. Minus two I.Q. points for me
  6. by   Fusternc
    Originally posted by MIKEY LIKES
    Man....I'm an idiot....this is the CRNA thread. Minus two I.Q. points for me
    Haha. No problem man.
  7. by   ufmatt

    keep organic in mind. You probably would want to wait until you finish the BSN first.
  8. by   megmermaid
    Concentrate 100% on your school work while in school. I think having a high GPA would be better than sacrificing that for having organic chem. It would probably be OK to take a class during the summer or when you have a really light class load.

    I know it's possible to take extra classes... I had a graduate level stats class my last semester of nursing school... just be sure you don't get a poor grade in either your nursing or extra course because that may hurt your future application.

    Good luck with whatever you do

  9. by   Qwiigley
    all good advise. Physics is good, but you can wing it and get by without it. Do a GREAT job in undergrad, as it is very hard to get into school, not so bad to stay in school.
  10. by   Fusternc
    Thanks for the responses everyone. I did very poorly when I first started college 12 years ago so I need to do fantastic now to bring the old GPA up.
  11. by   TraumaNurse
    There are a lot of us who messed around in our early days and had GPAs to prove it! It's never too late to prove yourself! Good luck!