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  1. Anyone recently taken the GRE? When I look at scores from people that took it before they changed the grading scale who made 1700 & 1800 it makes my score from last month look VERY sub par. But, with the new method of grading, the highest you can make is 800 verbal and 800 math and the writing is graded on a scale on 0-6. I have some applications that require 1550's but I'm sure this is based on the old scale.
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  3. by   CougRN
    1550 is based on the old scoring system. from what i have seen most schools still want 500's in each section and approximately a 4 in the writing. this depends on the schools though. some say a combined score of 1000 and 3.5 on the verbal but i have seen some schools that want a 4.5 on the writing portion. so i would check with the schools you plan on applying to.

    also, remeber these are minimum standards. some schools may put great emphasis on the GRE's if your GPA isn't that great. just something to think about.