Questions regurding stipend during school

  1. I have the chance to get a stipend from my current employer while I am in school in exchange for a two year work commitment. Unsure if I should do this or not. Wondering if it is just limiting my options when I am done with school or if it is a good idea because I will have a guaranteed job as a new grad with some incoming $$ while I am in school. Anyone done this or have any helpful advice for me? Thanks!
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  3. by   cardiaccare
    Do you LIKE where you work and is it where you want to continue working? I always tell my kids, "Be careful of 'gifts' which may have expectations attached to them..."
  4. by   mitch8lem
    the ? is how much for the stipend, and how much do they pay their crna's. do the math.
  5. by   smileyRn96
    Shop around, I am willing to bet that multiple Anesthesia groups offer these stipends. Pick the one that fits your needs the best, and do not forget to look at the benefits and retirement packages.
  6. by   MollyS
    I am in my senior year currently and it seems that the people who have made the wisest decisions are those that know what kind of a clinical environment they are getting themselves into. If you are looking for job satisfaction than that should be your focus, most places offer some kind of sign-on or incentive. So before you sign on somewhere I would make sure you like the site first. I did not sign on at the hospital I worked at because I had worked in the OR there and compared to the hospitals I have done my clinical rotations at the "team" environment at that hospital was rotten.
  7. by   AreEn
    I am planning to goto CRNA school and have inquired about this with many SRNAs. Basically if you take a stipend, you should like where you will be working. Also, when you sign the contract, the salary will be based on the time you signed so even if the salary has increased by the time you graduate, you are stuck with the rate at the time you signed in most cases. I don't know if this is negotiable so you may want to ask. For those who didn't take a stipend, they have told me that many facilities offer a bonus to sign on anyway.
  8. by   MollyS
    Actually, I am an SRNA and it is not true of all places that the rate you sign on at is the one you are stuck with. The hospital I signed with has had salary increases and I will get those as well. My biggest word of advice, don't sign on too quickly, wait until you have had a few clinical rotations so you can compare pros and cons. Good luck