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  1. Hello, I may sound really stupid but I have some general questions for any CRNA that would be willing to help me out. I have been planning to go the NP route for a few years now and recently my nursing school started a nurse anestetist program and I have done research on the computer about it and have become really interested. Is the schooling much more diffucult that the route I was going to go. See, it startled me when I seen what an average salary of CRNA's in my area made, to make me think to get paid so well it must be very diffucult to get through school. Believe me, I realize any medical profession is a diffucult journey, but I wanted to know if this was out of my leauge. What is a average day like for you at work and how much do you like it? Are you glad you chose it? Also, after the 24-36 months of school, do you go straight to work or is their a long intern? I imagine their is somthing, but I am just trying to get the best idea possible of what it will be like. ANY info would be very helpful, thanks for listening!!
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  3. by   longroadahead
    There is no intern program after school that I'm aware of, but not 100% positive. Look at - it's a blog about CRNA school that helped me figure out a lot of stuff....

  4. by   trakstar
    Try shadowing a CRNA before making any decisions. Don't just do it once do it multiple times so you can see what you are really getting into. Even sit in a a class at you local CRNA program. Information made my decision easier. My best advice is to research, research, research. My situation is a little similar to yours. I transferred from an NP to CRNA program. If you'd like more info IM me I'd be happy to share my situation.
  5. by   jbro
    i'm in school now, and believe me its hard, its a big time commitment, but it can be done, it just requires a lot of sacrifices, clinical rotations are included in the school time so when you graduate you can take boards and start working
  6. by   bwt02
    Did the NP route, realized I really wanted to do anesthesia. Currently a crna student. Let me tell you it is a whole different world. Extremely challenging, very hard, but really enjoying it

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