1. I was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on specific questions that should be asked about a school during the interview process or prior to interview? I have a good idea about some of the more obvious ones (Like line placement experience or what can I do to make myself more competitive), but I want to make sure I ask more specific questions that will give me an idea whether the program is a good one or not. Thanks.
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  3. by   Jedav

    These were some of the questions I took with me on my interview-some were my own, others the input of a friend who just completed CRNA school...

    1. How long are you under the supervision of a preceptor?

    2. What is the call like/what are you responsible for if a case runs over, etc? Call on holidays,how are they rotated?

    3. Do you compete for cases with MDAs/residents?

    4. With regional anesthesia-do you do spinals and/or blocks-what exposure do you have to each?

    5. Lines-ART, CVP, SWAN-do you place?

    6. Are you able to do fiberoptic intubation; do you bronch for your own double lumen placement, or is this done by the MD?

    7. When a SRNA, are you used as staff at the clinical site?

    8. Is the program frontloaded with didactic; when/how are clinicals introduced?

    9. The program graduates... first time success rate on their boards?

    10. What are the clinical sites used?

    Some of these might not apply for you, just some suggestions. My interview was very relaxed, laid back and I ended up not asking all of these. Hope this helps!