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  1. I'm going to buy a Palm, but was looking for some info. I know in my interview they mentioned that the Annie Richardson Bass Building was now "wireless". Does this mean that Wi-Fi is supported. I'm thinking of the Tungsten C, which has Wi-Fi capabilities. I thought it would be cool to be able to get online through my PDA at any time during class, during breaks, etc. Just not sure how the whole Wi-Fi thing works or even if this is what they meant when they said "wireless". Also looking at the T3, but it doesn't have Wi-Fi (has Bluetooth instead). I'm new to PDAs and any info. is greatly appreciated.
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  3. by   jbro
    i don't know anything about pda's, but they have wireless internet pretty much everywhere on campus, you can sit in your desk and get online with your laptop, its pretty cool, you can follow the powerpoint presentation on your computer and cut down on paper usage if you want
  4. by   ltk007
    Great question INTHEBLOOD...was wondering the same myself. I have also read some of the discussions about voice recorders for lecture and PDA's with such capabilities. Let me know where your shopping leads you...
  5. by   InTheBlood
    I actually called the computer help desk and they told me that the building is Wi-Fi compatible. You just have to register your MAC # from your device with TCU. There's a whole web page that explains in detail. Look under the Information Commons link from the TCU home page for more info. I'll be getting a Palm Tungsten C very soon. See you in August.

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