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Hello, This post is out of concern because I've been reading other posts from current nursing students and alot of it is about how hard nursing school is and how their grateful for C's on tests and... Read More

  1. by   EmeraldNYL
    I find the VOLUME of work in nursing school to be what is hard, not the fact that the actual information itself is difficult to learn. (maybe that's cause I'm in an accelerated program, haha!) I find that there is lots of busywork like tons of 6 page papers, plus prepping for clinical the night before is time consuming. However, the subject matter from my first degree (biology) was much, much harder. I am one of those people who "got by" with my first degree, because I was young and more interested in having fun than studying my butt off, and I didn't really know what I wanted to do. I graduated with a 2.85. Since entering nursing school, I've completely changed my act and have gotten all A's and only one B. I now regret not having better study habits before, and I have some classes to retake before I apply to CRNA school.
  2. by   MICU RN
    I beg to differ about nursing school being so simple. While there are harder undergrad subject matters, if you factor in the volume of material for a nursing undergrad. class plus clinical time it can be very challenging for the undergrad level.I even had a few of my classmates who had other graduate level degrees ( MBA, MAsters in edu.) comment that they found nursing school rather challenging.
    I also think it depends on the school, I went to a program that was in a medical center, and we had access to science professors that taught in the graduate programs and the medical school. They also had a cadaver lab for anatomy.The pharm. was very challenging, for example, the class was lecture driven and did not require the text, however, the faculity suggested LIppincott's study guide for our main reference. This is the same study guide the crna program and medical school uses at this medical center. Now, I am sure that the undergrad. class did not touch the level of difficulty that the grad. level does but it sure was hell as an undergrad class. By the way, I will find out next month just how much they did not cover when I took it as a undrgrad student. Now maybe some of the people who commented just how easy undergrad. nursing school is, are exceptional students and to them it was easy. However, the only grad. class I have taken was a biomed stats course at the same medical center and while it was very time consuming it was not as difficult as the pharm class I previously mentioned or some of the other classes I took in that nursing program. Now, I don't think all nurses programs have those types of resourses and this program at the time was extremely competive, they told us they had about 400 applicants and accepted 60, so I guess most of my classmates where pretty good students. Don't get me wrong, I realize that when I start at the next level it will make the undergrad work seem easy, but i don't think I will ever say it was simple. I know I am in for the ride of my life and just hope to come out the other end intact. Just my 2 cents. AND please, especially the current SRNA students, keep given us your insiders view of what it is like. I have learned so much from reading this forum and hopefully soon I will be able to pass on my experience from the inside.
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  3. by   shirleyTX
    Thanks to Emerald and Anthony, and Congrats to Anthony for getting in --- YOu're so close to MY dream---- hahahaha