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    Yes I have read through the posts regarding NICU experience and applying to CRNA school. I still have questions: Currently I work in a NICU (Level 3). My questions are: are there any SRNA's that had his/her sole experience in the NICU? What are some of the challenges of not having adult experience? Does it help your application if you have experience with advanced life support--such as intubating, putting in lines, etc. Please any information is helpful.
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  3. by   jma06
    Try Private messaging e14lopez. There is a post they started saying they only had NICU experience. It sounds like they got accepted into 2 different programs with just NICU. It can be done just check with the programs you are interested in. Hope this helps
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    I worked PICU and NICU for 2 years before going to anesthesia school, and its very do-able, however I did feel a bit behind in some areas:
    -Mainly adult cardiac (SWANs: i still look things up in the OR when I have them....ADULT MEDS, nicu and picu patients dont take many meds, so when you start preoping your patients, I have to look up alot of meds that alot of my classmates are very familiar with, MI stuff: I had no idea what lead you would see an inferior MI in etc...and it is stuff I've been quized on in the OR).

    I would tell you that I do well in school and well in the OR, it just takes a bit of extra effort to look things up. Having peds experience in a huge advantage in some areas, and it is much easier to switch from adult to peds/nicu then to do peds anesthesia when your used to doing adults). Many of my classmates have said that they are terrified of kids and wish they had some experience. I think you will be just fine with NICU experience of luck to you!
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    Thanks so much for the information! I have a couple of friends who went to nurse anesthesia school with adult SICU experience. I am glad to hear that it is possible to make it with with just NICU experience. I think I am going to apply and see what happens. Good luck in school!