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  1. My husband is starting his last 12 months of CRNA training. So, we have started discussing what will happen after graduation. Where to go? What kind of jobs to take? How to find jobs that pay well and allow for lots of family time (the kids and I are sick of not seeing him!)? Since he is so busy -- trying to work (he is an NP) and do clinicals and study, etc. He just doesn't seem to have time to think about the future. So, here's my question to all of you with experience-- What advice would you give us? We are late starters in life and don't have 40 years of work ahead of us. Maybe 25...We also tend to gravitate to the West where our families are, but I guess we are open to anything. I appreciate any suggestions that can be offered.
    Thanks, CRNA wife
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    I asked some similar questions a while back. here is the link to the thread
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    Not to burst your bubble or anything, but when I click on the site you have attached it takes me to the main bulletin board page. Perhaps you could just tell me where to go or what the subject of the post was or perhaps even when it was posted. Thanks:imbar
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    look back on this thread about three or four pages and you will see a thread etitled benifits.
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    CRNA Wife

    It's good to ask these kinds of questions before signing contracts. Remember, there are thousands of jobs out there that are unfilled, so your husband (and you) can afford to be a little choosy.

    First, you and your husband need to sit down together and make decisions about a variety of issues.
    How many hours a week does he want to work?
    Does he want to take call?
    If so, how often?
    Where do you want to live?
    How much do you want to earn? (Salaries right now vary from $90,000 to $140,000, depending on location and need.)
    Do you want to be in a large city, or a smaller town/rural area?

    Next, decide how important the answers of each of these questions is, and where you would be willing to compromise. In other words, would you be willing to relocate elsewhere for a higher salary, or lower cost of living/ Would you be willing to accept a lower salary in return for a promise of no call and no more than 40 hours a week?

    There are probably other considerations that are specific to you all as a couple. Hash these out, and get a firm idea of what you are looking for. Now go to the internet. Here is a good site to start out at:

    Search for jobs that might match your desires. Many of the postings are from head hunters. There are a TON of those guys out there, and they can be helpful. But remember, they don't get paid until you sign a contract, so getting your husband placed in a position that they are advertising will be their first priority. Whether that position matches your desires will come a little further down the list, so be careful.

    Most groups or hospitals that are advertising for CRNA's will pay for you and your husband to come to their location for a day or two to interview and look around. Take advantage of that. Get a feel for the areas you are looking at moving to. If you are working with a head hunter, sit down with potential employers, make sure both you and they understand what you are looking for, as well as what they are looking for.

    You have a year. Most places that are waiting will be happy to wait that year for your husband to finish up. Now is the time to start looking. You won't feel rushed, and you will have time to find a job that is a good match for you and your husband.

    Good luck.

    Kevin McHugh, CRNA
  7. by   CRNA wife
    I appreciate your suggestions. I was wondering if there are really jobs where people work like a 24 hour shift and 16 hour shift and are off the rest of the week? Or where you work 24/7 for one week and then have three weeks off? My husband has heard these rumors from people in his class and we were wondering if they really exist? If they do, what types of situations would they be in? If you know?

    CRNA wife
  8. by   nilepoc
    CRNA wife,
    I have also heard about those jobs, and have seen one of them listed on GasWork . The position required 48 hours in house, and then you were free to go until next time. I actually would love and arraingement like that.

    I wish you all the best.


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