1. hello, i just discovered this site and i luv it, lots of great info! well i was just wondering if any of you were np's before going back for crna. i'll be graduating from an np program in may and i'm interested in the crna cert as well. i've been doing a lot research online on the schools that are somewhat close by. just wanting to hear from previous np's. thanks
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  3. by   meandragonbrett
    I've never heard of a NP that went to CRNA school. Sounds interesting though!

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  4. by   MICU RN
    While I am just a crna wanna be and am waiting to find out if I got accepted, I have come across two NP's who are currently in crna school. They said they were able to skip some of the nursing classes ( they are in MSN/crna programs), however they have to do the same amount of time because of the clinical case requirements ( 32 months for this program). They both stated that they find this curriculum much more intense and interesting, not to mention you don't work as hard in general and are paid much more for your services. They also mentioned that they felt that crna's are given more respect for there knowledge and skills than NP's and they were glad they were getting into this profession. Now this is just two peoples comments and I am sure it does not represent all NP's views, but it was interesting to hear two similar views about the two professions from people exposed to both professions.