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  1. Ok sorry guys I saw a post somewhere about how much the max amount of loans per year can be taken out and how much CRNA school costs but for some reason I can't find it. Also I know you are all putting together a list of questions and I think it is a great idea. But if someone can respond that would be great. My husband and I were discussing things for the year to come. Thanks
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  3. by   nilepoc
    The max is different from school to school. I am able to borrow more than a friend of mine, due to the fact my tuition costs more than his. What does not change is the amount you can borrow above and beyond the tuition cost. Unfortunately I cannot give you a pat answer on that figure. I think it is somewhere around 15,000$.

    Also note that loans for summer sessions are applied for seperately from the regular semester.

  4. by   Tia
    Thanks for the response Craig. How long is a session anyways?? Is this enough to get most people through the year and does that cover books etc?? Funny how you always have to worry about the financial side of things when you should be worrying about studying and trying to get enough sleep on the side Of course the loan companies all come running when you are finished. Thanks again.

  5. by   nilepoc
    summer for us is about eight weeks, of solid anesthesia content, to the tune of (I might be wrong) 10 credit hours.
  6. by   Tia
    Thanks. I am trying to get an idea of what an average day is going to be like for me while in school. Is it safe to assume that summers are easier or is it just plain be prepared to work your ass off 24-7. I guess I prefer it that way when you think about the amount of responsibility on our hands. How well prepared do people feel for that first day of work on their own after getting out of school. I think at this point in time I would truly wet myself and forget that I was suppose to be getting the patient ready for surgery. As with nursing skills I suppose it all comes with practice and alittle bit of luck and confidence Take care Tia

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