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  1. I was offered one job on step-down, and another on Telemetry. Which one do you think will be better experience, if I want to work in ICU in the future?


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  3. by   Gump
    What kind of step down?
  4. by   haa
    one is cardiac, another is neuro,

  5. by   skipaway
    Quote from haa
    one is cardiac, another is neuro,

    If the Cardiac Stepdown also has telemetry, which it should, I'd go for that one. You can get experience with surgical patients who also may have lines, and drips. BTW, why can't you just go into ICU?
  6. by   OrigamiAirplane
    I'm with skipaway, have you applied for an ICU position? I just graduated and I'm starting in the medical respiratory ICU middle of July! I was never a care parnter or a nursing assistant in an ICU. I did however complete my Adult II clinical in the ICU I'll be working in.
  7. by   Gump
    CVICU and Neuro ICU are highly regarded by many CRNA programs, so maybe shoot for one of those after you get your foot in the door.

  8. by   haa
    I have aplied for an ICU position. But they have no oppenings for me. Some rural hospital offered a position in a small ICU with 6 beds(they do open hearts). Will that kind of ICU experience to be qualified since CRNA schools require you to work at a big teaching hospital?

  9. by   Gump
    I would say that experience in caring for immediate post CABG patients in any hospital setting would suffice. Some important things to remember are to have as much experience as possible managing vasoactive gtts, invasive lines, vents, etc.; usually pt's requiring these treatment modalities are at larger hospitals, but not always. As for a programs requirement that your experience be obtained from a large regional/teaching medical center, that is not necessarily the case; to that, I say check with the program(s) director to which you are applying.

    Hope this helps...
  10. by   haa
    Thank you, Gump

    It is very helpful!


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