PICU Experience?

  1. I have recently completed my RN and have started in the PICU. It is a level one trauma center with multiple ICU's (ICU, CCU NSICU, NICU, PICU). I have always been fascinated with children and the possibility that I could help those that are critically ill.

    Does anybody have any input on whether PICU experience works against your CRNA application. I was offered a job in ICU--but I heard of their poor staffing and ratio's and was turned off. In addition when I was interviewed I felt as if they were trying to sell me the position. I am a new graduate and they truly only asked me one or two questions about why I should be able to work in the ICU. Thanx for your support!:roll :roll
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  3. by   g8rlimey
    From what I have read, most schools want adult experience. But it also depends on your type of experiences in the PICU. Vasoactive gtts are very important, but unfortunately you won't get as great a PA cath experience as some in a surgical unit. The best thing to do is call or email the schools you are potentially interested in and ask the directly what kind of experience they want from applicants. Later..
  4. by   Qwiigley
    I don't know about other schools, but for the school I am currently attending, they accepted 30 students, 3 of us are from Level 1 trauma center PICUs. We work well together and add a percepective that is unique. PICU is not easier, as some people imply. It is actually much harder because the drug doses are so much more exact, childhood illnesses are unique and kids are not just "little adults." Kids can go south a lot quicker and it can be alot more devestating in some cases tha adults.
    I loved PICU before starting CRNA school. And I'm at the top of my class now.