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Is anyone here attending any of the anesthesia schools in Philadelphia. I just started looking into some programs here and was wondering if anyone had any personal opinions to share. Erin... Read More

  1. by   London88
    Then I guess all the schools in Philly participate in this arrangement!
  2. by   lasvegas4211
    Greetings, you might want to look into the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey just on the other side of Philly in Camden. Their program is a jewel in the rough and it seems as though many people are unaware of the program. They received around 65 apps for the 2003 program of which only 45 even met the prerequisite requirements. They sent interview letters to around 23 of which 18 people interviewed for 12 slots. Not too bad odds! The program is affiliated with Our Lady of Lourdes Med Center which has been teaching CRNA's since the 70's. The program puts out very good CRNA's and their pass rate on boards is 100%. Go to and go under the Nursing School for prerequsite requirements. Good Luck!
  3. by   alansmith52
    you might be more likely to take a bullet in the back in Camden. then you would get a first hand view of the OR.
  4. by   London88
    Our Lady of Lourdes is not in a bad location in camden. I worked there for three years without any problems. You do not have to drive through the back streets of camden to get to the hospital, and it is an excellent teaching hospital. I chose not to apply to their school for my own personal reasons, one of them being that their program starts in May, whereas I need a program which begins in September owing to family dynamics. I would have had to wait until May 2004, which I did not wish to do. They do not require the GRE for their program. The assistant director of the program is very easy going and has a great sense humor.
  5. by   EmeraldNYL
    Thanks for the info., London. I'm a little scared of Camden but I plan on applying to all the Philly area schools when the time is right to increase my chances. I don't want to relocate, so a Philly area school it is!
  6. by   TheBrainMusher
    Cooper is downtown Camden ... Loudes isn't. Just letting ya'll know. Lourdes is a VERY good "teaching" hospital the aren't isn't as bad as you may think ... plus its right off the speed line ...
  7. by   lml33
    Drexel is one of the best programs around in Philly. Its also one of the most expensive. I'll be starting in Jan 2004! I'm taking some of Drexel's online classes in the meantime. I just graduated from the University of Delaware. Their BSN program is great and so were the instructors.
  8. by   TheBrainMusher

    DId you go to the accelerated program at Udel? Or regular? I graduated from UDel Jan 2001 with BA in Econ, now looking into nursing! :-) What are you doing now? How much is drexel program?
  9. by   London88
    I also graduated from U-Del. They have an excellent online BSN program.
  10. by   lml33
    Drexel's nursing anesthesia program is almost $7, 000 per semester. As for the earlier post, their financial aid department is a PITA. I applied for my FAFSA. I then asked them what I need do do for the cost of living...seconday loans, etc. They told me not to worry about it. How am I not supposed to worry when my income will decrease by $2,300/month? Anyway, everything else is great. I was at a TRENDS conference at the Adams mark yesterday. I attended a lecture on glycobiology. It was so interesting. It could really impact medicine and improve longevity and the quailty of life. I toured Hahneman hospital. I loved it! I can't wait to start clinical. All of the staff were kind and professional. Being a University hospital, their technology is awesome. I saw a ventricular assist device for the first time, being used on a patient. It was really cool and amazing. Leslie.

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